Organizations help students to de-stress before finals week

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: December 8, 2016
Organizations on campus held events on campus Tuesday in the Smith Student Center to help students take their mind off the upcoming stress of finals week.
One organization, the Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS), offered coloring pages and snacks at their table for students to enjoy.
“We all need a good de-stressor from time to time, and we thought this event would be a good way to provide a healthy distraction for students,” ARHS member and senior Richelle Fuller said.
Fuller and ARHS hope to make Stress-Less a yearly event for students as a way to take a break from studying and have fun before the end of the semester.
Other groups, including Active Minds, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and destroying the stigmas surrounding mental illness, and Healthy Outreach though Peer Education (HOPE) joined in offering activities for students,
Junior Kali Kirlangitis and other group members of Active Minds provided homemade aromatherapy play-doh infused with essential oils and instructions on how those participating could make their own.
“We decided to help out because we all need to relieve stress every once in awhile, so why not do it in a positive way?” Kirlangitis said.
Carrie Writt, a member of HOPE, wanted to show SRU students healthy ways to manage their stress and finish the semester on a high note.
“HOPE likes to provide students with opportunities to relieve their anxiety surrounding finals week,” Writt said. “Our overall goal is to promote healthy, interactive activities across campus and we saw this as an opportunity to do so.”
HOPE’s activities consisted of fingernail painting, sand art and a create-your-own stress ball station.
Several attendees said they thought the Stress-Less event was effective in getting them to forget about the stress surrounding their finals and have a fun time during common hour.
All three groups encouraged students to take time during the week before finals to decompress and do something fun with their friends.


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