My Rock Audit gets updated

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor, Date: September 3, 2015

An updated version of My Rock Audit with new features launched August 17.

My Rock Audit is a tool that tracks a student’s progress in their degree and shows students in a more in-depth¬† format what they need to do in order to graduate.

Connie Edwards, director of advising resources and degree audits, explained that My Rock Audit is the most important advising tool at SRU. She said it is important for both the adviser and advisee to use the audit in order for the student to receive the entire advisement experience.

“I think [the update] will benefit the advisee/adviser relationship,” she said.

The updated audit is new for students and staff.

Edwards explained that the update is the same information, but with a new layout and new features. She said that the layout was designed to be more understandable for students and faculty.

There is a legend at the top of the audit so staff and students can comprehend the new symbols and layout, Edwards said.

“Everybody is going to access it through MySRU portal,” she said.

Once on the MySRU portal, My Rock Audit can be found under the student self-service tab. Students will then click on banner self-service, student and then Rock Audit.

Students and faculty will no longer have to sign in twice as well.

With the update, faculty can write notes to students on their individual audits, students can view the master schedule for the next semester and students can send an email to their adviser directly from the audit.

Edwards explained that students can’t solely rely on the master schedule on their audit when scheduling for classes. She advises that students use the master schedule on the MySRU portal in addition.

With this update, students can now use their audit to plan their entire coursework until graduation.

Students can view their SAT, ACT and language placement test scores on the audit too. The update also features a printable unofficial transcript.

The first two lines of the audit explain policies that are enforced by the state system. Edwards explained that these policies have always been active, but that the policies were not present on the audit prior to the update.

Edwards added that the updated audit is not compatible with Safari and is not compatible with Google Chrome if pop-ups are blocked.

She said starting in October, she will be teaching freshmen how to use My Rock Audit in their FYRST seminars.

In the future, Edwards hopes to launch an audit program for graduate students.

Staff and students can email any questions to or view the frequently asked questions page located on their audit.


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