Blotter 4/29

Published by adviser, Date: May 6, 2015



April 22- Steam set off a fire alarm in Watson Hall.  Police checked the room and reset the panel.


April 22- Police received an emergency alarm about an individual having a seizure in Swope.  An ambulance was dispatched and the person was transported to Grove City Hospital.


April 22- Police were called about a group climbing through a Building D window.


April 23- A vehicle was booted for unpaid parking tickets at Rhodes Hall.


April 23- Police began investigating a harassment report at Rhodes Hall.


April 23- Police responded to an intruder alarm at PNC Bank.  Cleaning staff set it off.


April 23- Police were called about an intoxicated person at Starbucks.  The individual left before officers arrived.


April 24- Police were called about an alcohol violation at Building E.  Charges are pending.


April 24- Police spotted SRU road signs in a Building E room while on another call.  The report was forwarded to Student Standards.


April 24- Police picked up an individual off campus with an active warrant and transported them to Butler County Jail.


April 25- Police were called for an alcohol violation at Building E.


April 25- Police assisted borough police in a traffic stop along Maltby Ave., which resulted in a DUI arrest.


April 26- An individual at Building D reported a stolen laptop.  The case is under investigation.


April 26- Jayvon Rosendary, 20, was issued an alcohol violation in a previously reported incident.


April 27- Police took a passed out person in Patterson Hall to the Health Center.


April 27- Police received a call concerning damaged property at Building A.  The case is under investigation.


April 27- Police took a passed out person in ATS to the Health Center.




April 25- Mariah Nicholas was arrested for drunk driving after being stopped for a traffic violation along South Main Street.


April 25- Daniel Campbell received a disorderly house citation after being found intoxicated in a vehicle stopped along South Main Street.


April 25- An SRU student attempted to buy liquor at the Fine Wine and Spirits store using a fake Ohio ID.  When questioned, the student left the store.  The name on the card was traced to a student with a Munhall address and the photos matched.  Charges will be filed.


April 25- Meghan Conner and Savannah Walker were given underage and disorderly conduct citations after being found in the trunk of a car that was being towed for a DUI offense.


April 26- Adam Lakari, Kyle Shenenberger, Walter Love, Jessica Naples and a juvenile female were given underage citations.  Lakari was also cited for disorderly conduct for possessing marijuana.


April 29- Alexander Walters was charged with criminal mischief after damaging a parking boot that was placed on his vehicle at the South Rock Apartments on South Main Street overnight.


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