SRU police use boots to curb parking violations

Published by adviser, Author: Chris Gordon, Date: April 30, 2015

A yellow 2004 Mazda parked in the Rhoads Hall staff lot is one of four vehicles that have been booted on and around campus since April 21.

The Mazda, which has accumulated $240 in unpaid parking tickets plus a $25 booting fee, has been illegally sitting near Rhoads for some time, one Rhoads Hall staff member said.

“The car has been sitting there since at least the 22nd,” the staff member, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.  “It has been moved, but it always ends up there or in the 15 minute parking.  I’ve seen it get ticketed multiple times in the 15 minute spot and this is at least the second time it’s gotten a boot in the exact same spot.”

The staff member noted that the car has been an inconvenience for Rhoads Hall, including staff of the health and counseling centers.

The owner of the Mazda was unavailable for comment.

Another vehicle was booted in the University Union parking lot and two others were booted at the South Rock apartments, according to university and borough police.

Ticket rates have increased from $5 to $30 for vehicles with improper permits in an effort to curb parking violations, university police noted.  Vehicles without any permit have a base fine of $50.

“Before the increases, some students would budget for the fines,” said one university police member, who formerly worked as the parking lot attendant.  “People would park in the grass and anywhere else they wanted.”

University police noted that vehicles with five or more unpaid tickets or fines amounting to $150 are subject to booting.  If no response is received within 48 hours of the booting, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

“When it gets right down to it, students just don’t want to walk,” university police said.  “You can get anywhere on campus from the quad in 15 minutes and there is always parking available in front of the ARC.”

A list of parking offenses is available on the university police page of the Slippery Rock University website. 


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