SGA president-elect looks forward to making a ‘good transition’

Published by adviser, Author: Kevin Squires, Date: April 23, 2015

Running unopposed, Logan Steigerwalt was elected the 2015-2016 president of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association. Steigerwalt ran as part of the SRUnited ticket which included Jessica Johnson, Michael Farrah, Jenna Temple and Aimee Albright as executive board nominees. Johnson won the vice president of student affairs position while Farrah took the vice president of financial affairs position. Temple was elected vice president of internal affairs, and Albright was elected vice president of campus outreach.

“We definitely didn’t expect only one ticket to run,” Steigerwalt said. “Because there was only one ticket we didn’t really have to focus too much on campaigning.” He said SRUnited still made efforts to promote themselves on campus, especially focusing on social media.

Steigerwalt won 784 votes, besting write-in candidate John Beckage who had 87 votes.

Beckage, Brian Welsh, Kaci Vandergrift, Sarah Arpino, Laina Garrow, Alexandra Foster, Alissa Gemmel, Vudthichai Phothisuc, Samantha Hovis, Alex Barrett, Parker Balla, Sophia Sarver, Tyler Moody and Jaclyn Choma were elected as commuter senators. There was one spot left empty following the elections.

Tabitha Giacalone, Adam Giovanelli, Blake Kramer, Margaret Pfaff, Timothy Rosenberger, Kendra Antle and Jessica Lynn Johnson were elected as the senators for Building A, Building B, Watson Hall, Building E, Building F, Rhoads Hall and the ROCK Apartments, respectively. Andre Roberts and Tomas Younkins won seats as graduate senators.

Building D had a two-way tie between Don Walsh and Donald Sanders who each received two votes. North Hall also had a tie between Claudia Hartmann and Ross Mitchell who also both received two votes. Once the candidates confirm their living situation for next year and that they are still interested, building elections will be conducted during the fall to determine a winner.

Steigerwalt said his top focus as president is a smooth transition into the position.

“My first goal is to successfully have a good transition with [2014-2015 SGA President] Katie Hill and continue things she wants to do and then move forward so we can get the year started on a good pace rather than from square one.”

According to their Twitter, SRUnited plans to create more community service opportunities for students, collaborate with more clubs and organizations, promote new library hours based on feedback from students, create a dialogue about the weather policy with the administration, promote a positive image of the university, bring in notable, continue project positivity, create more transparency with the administration and advocate to bring a major conference to campus.


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