Police Blotter

Published by adviser, Author: Chris Gordon - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 23, 2015


April 16- Police met an individual at Building F with regard to a distributed video. The case is under investigation.

April 16- An individual was issued a traffic citation at the East Central Loop after police stopped them for a stop sign violation.

April 16- Torrie Brown, 22, was charged with simple assault in relation to a previously reported incident.

April 17- Police responded to an alarm at the Rock Apartments. Water was found leaking in the building and maintenance was called.

April 17- Police responded for a passed out female at Patterson Hall. She refused all medical attention.

April 17- Police met a student about a concern in Spotts World Culture Building. The case is under investigation and has been referred to Student Conduct.

April 17- Police received a call about an individual trying to access Bailey Library after hours. The officer asked for the person’s ID and checked the building for damages.

April 18- Police were called about drugs discovered at Boozel Dining Hall. The case is under investigation.

April 18- Police issued a traffic citation for a vehicle that failed to stop at a Harmony Road stop sign.

April 18- Police responded to a call from a female student about a strange-acting male near the art building. Police were unable to find the male. The female was escorted back to her residence.

April 18- The Health Center requested an ambulance for a male needing to go to the hospital.

April 18- Borough police called for assistance for a fight in front of Ginger Hill.

April 19- Borough police called for assistance in a fight on Cornish Drive. An individual was transported to the Health Center.

April 19- A Health Center nurse called police about a student who had concerns for her boyfriend. Police referred the student to the Pennsylvania State Police since the incident occurred off campus.

April 20- Police were called about damage done to equipment outside of Old Main. The case is under investigation.

April 20- Pengpeng He, 21, was charged with disorderly conduct in a previously reported incident.


April 9- Jacob M. Miller was arrested for drunk driving after being stopped for a traffic violation along Franklin Street.

April 10- Shanque Parker and Lanay Swinton were given disorderly house citations along South Main Street. They were also found to have consumed alcohol underage.

April 10- Maxwell Lewandowski was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct after a fire alarm brought police and the fire department to his residence.

April 11- Brenton Ayers was arrested for drunk driving after being stopped for an equipment violation. He was arrested again for drunk driving after retrieving his impounded car once he was released.

April 11- Jacob Lenhart was given an underage citation after being stopped along Campus Drive.

April 12- Stephen Kennedy was cited for disorderly conduct after being found in possession of marijuana along Midway Alley.

April 12- Matthew Davies was given an underage citation after being stopped for a traffic violation along Midway Alley.

April 14- Creanna Martin was charged with issuing bad checks.

April 18- A red Ford pickup was involved in a hit and run along New Castle Street. The pickup was driving carelessly and struck a light pole, causing substantial damage.

April 22- Tyler Negly, Alec Rowe and Austin Troutner were given disorderly house citations after officers received a complaint about a loud party they were hosting.


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