Police Blotter

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Asst. News Editor, Date: March 26, 2015


March 18 – Police responded to a call for a female that was unconscious at Patterson Hall. The female refused an ambulance and was transported to the health center by police to be checked out.’

March 18 – A humidifier set of a fire alarm at Watson Hall. The alarm was reset.

March 18 – Police were notified by a GA of a swastika sign on a door at Building B.

March 19 – Police received a call from 911 that an ambulance was being dispatched to Building E for a female shaking on the floor. Police and an ambulance arrived and the female was transported to the hospital.

March 19 – There was a call of a female in severe pain at Watson Hall. The person was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

March 23 – Police booted a vehicle out of the Ski Lodge Parking Lot for unpaid tickets.

March 23 – Steam set off a fire alarm at Watson Hall. The panel was reset.

March 23 – Police received a call from a CA for an odor of marijuana at Building F. The investigation resulted in charges being filed.

March 24 – Teauthay Littleton, 19, was issued a drug violation for a previous incident.

March 24 – Police received a call for a person discharging a fire extinguisher at Building A. The case is under investigation.

March 24 – There was a call for a person who passed out at Patterson Hall. When officers arrived, the individual was awake and refused an ambulance and health center services.

March 24 – A panic alarm was accidently tripped at the front desk of the Robert M. Smith Student Center. The panel was reset.

March 25 – Police were called for female passed out at Patterson hall. When the ambulance arrived, the female refused medical transportation.

March 25 – The health center requested an ambulance for a student with an allergic reaction. The individual was transported to the hospital.

March 25 – Burnt food set off an alarm at Building F. The panel was reset.


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