Time capsule closes off 125 anniversary of The Rock

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Asst. News Editor, Date: December 4, 2014

Slippery Rock University unveiled a time capsule Thursday at common hour in the Robert M. Smith Student Center. The event stood as a capstone to the 125 year anniversary activities that have been taking place throughout the year. 

Many special guests were in attendance at the event, including members from the Council of Trustees, the cabinet and members from several groups and organizations on campus. 

Slippery Rock University President Cheryl J. Norton spoke at the event, giving some background history of the university. 

Norton said what started as community effort to bring higher learning to the young men and women of the region became the opening of Slippery Rock State Normal College in 1889. 

“It seems almost miraculous that in a remarkably short period of time, only 18 months, the citizens of Slippery Rock had appointed the land, the record buildings, and administrative faculty that laid the foundation upon which Slippery Rock University is built,” Norton said.

Norton said through the years, many others have stepped forward and shepherded the university as a group from its roots as a normal school in 1889 to Slippery Rock Teachers College in 1927 to Slippery Rock State College in 1960 to Slippery Rock University in 1983. 

Norton said that it’s been a joy and an honor to look back on the university’s history and celebrate all that the university has accomplished together in the first 125 years.

“We had fun, we lived through memorable events and created new memories and traditions,” Norton said.

Several people came forward to place things inside the time capsule that won’t be opened again until 2039. 

Chair of SRU’s Council of Trustees, Thomas Breth submitted a bookmark on behalf of the trustees that illustrates the numerous achievements that the university has received this past year for it’s commitment and excellence in education. Breth also submitted a pin that recognizes the recognition that the university has received as an outstanding place to work. 

Norton submitted a letter from herself to the president the university in 2039 and a snow globe that was created at the kick-off event at the beginning of the year that was hosted by The Student Government Association, the University Program Board and the 125 student engagement subcommittee. Norton also submitted a booklet describing all of the principles and presidents of SRU from 1889 to 2014.

Brad Kovaleski, on behalf of Katie Hill, president of SGA, put a letter to the president of SGA in 2039 into the time capsule. The faculty of SRU also submitted a letter to the faculty in 2039. 

The SRU Alumni Association submitted a 125 year pennant. The arts and entertainment subcommittee put in a magnifying glass and a program from the evenings of arts event into the capsule. The coaches of students athletes here at SRU submitted patches worn by students athletes this year and a football championship tshirt. 

The Rocket submitted a copy of their newspaper that documented the 125 anniversary in it. 

The community engagment committee submitted a DVD produced by SRU students that documented the community picnic. The communications subcommittee submitted a booklet of 125 things that students, alumni, faculty and friends love about Slippery Rock University and DVD of the grand march around campus. The advancement committee submitted a Go Rock foam hand. 

Students who graduate in December will also have their names put into the time capsule at the end of commencement as its final item. 

For students and faculty who wish to submit items for the time capsule must give their items to Laurel Dagnon in Room 237 in the Robert M. Smith Student Center by 3 p.m. on Dec. 10. 



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