Ceremony honors veterans and active military members

Published by adviser, Author: Jillian Wilcox - Rocket Contributor, Date: November 12, 2014

Members of the Slippery Rock University community gathered outside of the Russell Wright Alumni House during common hour Tuesday in honor of Veterans Day. The ceremony featured a flag-raising, gun salute, wreath memorial, songs performed by SRU Chamber Singers and various speakers, including President Cheryl J. Norton and veteran alumni.

Norton acknowledged the over 270 veterans, active military members, and spouses and independents currently involved with the university and extended thanks to the alumni association for continuing to honor veterans.

“Our most sincere thank you for not just today, but every day… I am humbled by your presence,” Norton said, addressing the armed forces members of the audience.

Kimberly Saunders, SRU graduate and Army veteran, discussed the importance of recognizing the voluntary sacrifice made by military members. Saunders quoted General MacArthur to describe the ethics of the American solider.

“Duty, honor, country, he said, is what you ought to be, is what you can be, and what you will be,” Saunders quoted. “The fidelity you generate every day you wear the colors is proof positive that someone of integrity is still willing to pay the price for our freedom and liberty.”

Colonel Merton Miller, 1979 SRU graduate, spoke at the ceremony. Miller has a long and distinguished career in the air force and is a grandson, son, and father of U.S. veterans. Miller has Miller recognized the different branches of military and commended those who served in active war situations, as well as those who served in other areas, such as humanitarian, peace-keeping, and nation-building efforts.

“All contributed to the character and greatness of our country,” Miller said.

Current SRU cadets were also recognized. The service ended with the SRU Chamber Singers performing “God Bless America” and a reception inside the Alumni House.


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