Study abroad fair educates students

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor, Date: October 2, 2014

The Slippery Rock University Office of Global Engagement held a fair for students interested in learning more about the study abroad program in the Smith Student Center Ballroom on Monday. 

Tables were setup throughout the ballroom representing each country that students can travel to, along with tables on general information and finances.

Tess Thrower, adviser for International and Study Abroad Students, was at the fair answering general study abroad questions. 

“Study abroad is an opportunity for students to go somewhere they’ve never been whether it be for a summer, spring break, a semester, a year, and it gives them a chance to experience the world and still study and stay on course with their academic program,” Thrower said.

Thrower explained that usually when students go abroad they do a shorter term trip, but she would like to see more students studying for a whole semester because that is where the full experience comes. She said with a whole semester or whole year trip, students can study at universities in other countries for the price of Slippery Rock tuition. 

Thrower said it’s hard to give an estimate of the amount of students that study abroad, but spring break trips are the most popular.

Added to the list of countries which Slippery Rock partners with were Shanghai, Mexico, and Brussels. Thrower said Australia and Ireland are the most popular places where students choose to study at.     

Max You, public relations major, is an international student from Shanghai, China and his home University is Shanghai International Studies University. He was representing the Shanghai table at the fair.

You is the only student studying abroad from Shanghai at Slippery Rock. He is studying abroad at SRU for one semester. 

“Our school has a program with Slippery Rock University and Slippery Rock University was the only option. I’m the only one here,” You said.

You arrived to the United States in August and he explained how much he has been enjoying Slippery Rock so far. He said he has adjusted well to the cultural differences. He said so far he has really only made international friends, but he wants to make more. You said he video chats with his parents often and they miss him. 

You explained that his reasoning for coming to the United States has nothing to do with his major. He said his main goal is to make friends and learn the English language better. He feels the biggest benefit from studying abroad is global efficiency. 

You’s biggest adjustment to the education here at Slippery Rock is managing more assignments. 

“Back in China, we don’t have a lot of assignments,” You said. 

Brit Morrison, exercise science major, was representing the Australia table and she studied abroad in Australia because it was somewhere she has always dreamed of going.

“My pap was stationed there in World War II and he always said it was his favorite place,” Morrison said. “I was like I have to go there.” 

She said she went last spring and it was the coolest place she has ever been. 

She said that Australia is very similar to the U.S., so it was easy for her to adjust to. She said the Australians party a lot more than Americans do, which has been amusing to her.  

“I would definitely recommend that all students should study abroad,” Morrison said. “If nothing else, it will make you better as a person and step out of your comfort zone and you meet a ton of amazing people. It gives you a new experience, that kind of thing.” 

Daniel Kozari, Slippery Rock University alumni in business management, is from Hungary and he was representing the Hungary table. Kozari moved to the United States permanently and currently lives in Ellwood City. He said he is at SRU often hanging out with friends. 

“I got to pick the country and decided where I wanted to study abroad and stuff and I picked the USA and this was really the only option, but I didn’t regret it,” Kozari said. 

He said when you study abroad you gain a multicultural mindset and it looks good on your resume. 

Kozari explained that he has job interviews next week, one in sports marketing and one with Pepsi. He feels studying abroad has made him more marketable job-wise and he will have no problem having to move to a different state. 

The Office for Global Engagement can answer any questions about the study abroad programs and are located in 004 Spotts World Cultures Building.



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