Police Blotter

Published by adviser, Author: Kevin Squires - Assistant News Editor, Date: August 29, 2013


July 22 – A hit and run took place at Sheetz when an unknown older female driving a gold, four door, Ford Focus backed into an occupied vehicle and drove away. No plate number was obtained.

July 26 – Kristopher Addison Williams was arrested for disorderly conduct when an officer witnessed Williams strike another male in the back of his head at Ginger Hill Tavern.

Aug. 7 – Travis Lee Mateleska was arrested for criminal mischief after witnesses watched him rip a passenger mirror off of a beige jeep parked in Ginger Hill Tavern’s parking lot.

Aug. 9 – Two parked vehicles along South Main Street had their mirrors damaged by a passing tractor trailer.

Aug. 11 – Isaiah Billek Sawhney was cited for Disorderly House after being dispatched to his residence for a loud noise complaint.

Aug. 12 – Center United Presbyterian Church reported that sometime between Aug. 10 and Aug. 11 someone stole a six foot by four foot lighted sign the church left outside to post messages on.

Aug. 12 – The landlord of 522 South Main Street reported that sometime between Aug. 1 and Aug. 11 the Tri-County trash receptacle was stolen from his house.

Aug. 20 – A customer of Giant Eagle reported to this department that she accidentally left an envelope of money laying at the bagging area and walked out of the store. She returned almost immediately and found it was gone. Police were able to contact the person that picked it up and the money was returned.

Aug. 20 – Giant Eagle reported a customer had taken a large amount of baked chicken from the store and failed to come back and pay for it. Contact was made with the customer and the chicken was paid for.

August 23 – Christian Ricketts, Samuel Fogel and Ryan Vojtash were cited for Disorderly House for the excessive noise when police responded to a noise complaint on Grove City Road. Upon arrival, officers observed approximately 20 people being loud and playing loud music. The party was cleared.

August 24 – A customer at Sheetz reported that her iPhone had gone missing after she was in the store on Aug. 23, set her iPhone on the counter by the register, and walked out of the store.

August 24 – A resident of Center Street reported that overnight his bicycle had been forcibly from the bike rack finding the back wheel bent to the point that it was inoperable.


Aug. 24 – Joseph Rebel, 19, and Ryan Teorsky, 19, were both issued underage citations after attempting to steal a sign while intoxicated at West Lake Lot. Joseph Rebel was also issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

Aug. 26 – Jerrit Young, 20, was cited for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia when campus police responded to a report of drug violation in Building F.

Aug. 27 – There was a reported theft of books at North Hall. The case is under investigation.

Aug. 27 – There was a reported theft of monies at Old Stone House. The case is under investigation.

Aug. 27 – Campus police assisted the Slippery Rock Borough Police Department in locating juveniles that escaped from George Junior Republic. The juveniles were located and campus police took no further action.


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