SGA changes constitution, adds four new positions

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: November 30, 2012

The Student Government Association approved constitutional changes last Monday that would allow senators to maintain their position while student teaching, studying abroad or taking an internship.

SGA held an open forum before formal senate to discuss the constitutional amendments. Previously, senators had not been allowed to hold such positions while being a member of SGA.

Senator Anthony Plumberg said that allowing senators to student teach or take on an internship during the semester could be beneficial to the senate as well as the student.

“It makes it easier for people with lighter course loads to pick up internships and other valuable experiences,” Plumberg said. “They can then bring those experiences back and apply them to work with SGA.”

Other amendments included the addition of four freshman senators and the fixing of several mistakes or ‘typos’ in the constitution.

According to Parliamentarian Angelina Hernley, the fix of the ‘typos’ would not be changing policy; just clarifying positions in a segment of the constitution that didn’t clarify which positions were being referred to.

SGA also elected new commuter senator Zach Hall.

Hall, a junior, ran for President of SGA during the 2011 – 2012 academic year. Hall is involved on the men’s soccer team and the student athlete advisor committee.

According to Hall, as a commuter senator he wants to reach out more to commuters outside of large apartment complexes. He believes student government is a team that uplifts and provides for student body and surrounding community.

Two new organizations, the Toms Campus Club and SRU G.R.O.W., were approved by SGA as well.

The Toms Campus Club, according to Tesin Gnalian, student representative of the club, plans to take part of the global movement and incorporate into our community, to our campus.

“We plan to focus on service and creating a chain reaction of service,” Gnalian said. “The Toms Company has created clubs on campuses around the nation. They have them at Pitt and Penn State as well.”

Gnalian said one of the main events supported by the club is the Day Without Shoes event and the Paint Your Soles event, as well as awareness days and fliers. Other plans include working with shelters and the homeless.

SRU G.R.O.W. was the second organization that was approved by SGA. G.R.O.W. stands for “gaining respect for ourselves in this world”.

Christie Gribschaw, the founder of the organization, said she was inspired by Scott Lang lectures, which gave her the idea for the club.

Gribschaw said plans for the club include a lecture series speaking to different topics for students as a way to get information to students in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

According to Gribschaw, tolerance and communication would be examples of topics for the lectures. She hopes to take time between now and winter break to solidify topics for spring sessions.

SGA also approved the appointment of Christian ‘Blake’ McChesney as the election commissioner for next semester.

A proclamation was also made by SGA and President Dave Wolfe to end bullying and participate in anti-bullying day by showing the documentary “Bully” Friday.

Wolfe said the proclamation included the designation of Nov. 30 as an effort of anti-bullying day at Slippery Rock University and the goals of the day are to bring awareness through the efforts of showing the documentary “Bully”.

“Through our efforts we will give the audience educational information in regards to bullying at a collegiate level and… we will be providing information and outlets for students to use in the event he or she witness or are affected personally by bullying,” Wolfe said.


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