New app gives students opportunity to find jobs through Facebook

Published by adviser, Author: Steph Holsinger - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: April 27, 2012

A mobile application was recently released that provides students with resources to connect with potential employers through both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pooldip, an application that is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., was released at midnight Friday morning for mobile devices, iPad, and tablets. According to Nick Horniacek, Slippery Rock University’s campus manager for the application, Pooldip provides an unprecedented platform for companies to manage and hire their Facebook fans. At its most basic level, Pooldip bridges the gap between Facebook and LinkedIn by allowing users to create a professional profile by logging in using their Facebook account, according to Horniacek.

“Pooldip finally solves a key dilemma for graduating seniors who want to build their professional network but find themselves with 500 plus Facebook friends, but fewer than 50 LinkedIn connections and limited job experience,” he said.

Pooldip offers a unique approach to connecting with job recruiters by “becoming a fan” of recruiters and companies that students are interested in. Once a recruiter is followed, individuals become part of an organized and searchable “pool” of talent, according to Horniacek. In addition, information from LinkedIn can be transferred to Pooldip with the click of a button.

“The most exciting part of Pooldip is that it provides a platform to easily connect with recruiters and show off who you are beyond your resume,” he said.

The main concern that students have with Pooldip is their personal Facebook information being out in the open. According to Horniacek, while using the application, all Facebook profile and content information such as wall posts and photos are kept private. Recruiters are only able to view a “fan’s” professional experience. Recruiters can then narrow it down and review a “pool” of fans to seek the best candidate tailored to a company’s job requirements. All endorsements on Pooldip are to be positive, and members are not able to leave negative feedback.

“In comparison, if you “like” something on Facebook, you run the risk of releasing your personal information to a third party,” Horniacek said.

Horniacek believes that the application will help overcome the gap between many students having a large number of Facebook friends, but a low number of LinkedIn contacts.

“Many students leave school and do not know how to professionally network which puts them in a hole when it comes to job searching,” he said. “This application makes the process extremely easy by connecting members directly with recruiters from thousands of companies, from local businesses to Fortune 1,000 companies, while also receiving exposure through their recommendations from their inner circle, or the friends and network they have built while being a college student.”

Within the first month of the application being released in Beta version, it has already seen more than 1 million job postings and thousands are coming in each day. Some companies that are already utilizing Pooldip are Nike, Google, UPS, Boeing, Transamerica, Marriott, Encore, ESPN, Zappos, Hyatt, Apple, American Express, Pfizer, Box, Yahoo, Babar, Hertz, Chipotle, Domino’s Pizza, Target, Conde Nast, Mars and Kforce, according to Horniacek.

Horniacek believes that Pooldip is most beneficial for current students or recent graduates and will only continue to grow and develop in the future.

“If there’s any indication that greater things are in store for Pooldip, know this – in just a relatively short time, the Silicon Valley-based start-up already amassed over 1 million internship and job postings across the country, and they are currently expanding into Europe and Asia,” he said.


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