RockOUT brings back Pride Week events

After nearly two years of being online, Pride Week returns with in-person events

Published by , Date: October 21, 2021

Pride Week provided a time for the campus community to recognize and show support to the LGBTQ community. The week, from Oct. 18 to Oct. 23, consisted of the Candlelit Vigil, Arts Fest, Queer Bingo, Acceptance Day and the Drag Show. 

RockOUT hosted five events that filled a variety of interests, hoping to get more members and students involved. President of RockOUT Frankie Walker shared some insight into the events held during Pride Week.  

“We usually start with the Candlelit Vigil to remind us why we’re doing it and that we are able to do this because of the members of our community who have come before us,” Walker said.

The Candlelit Vigil was held on Monday at 8 p.m. in The Quad. This event is typically a smaller and more solemn event.  

On Tuesday, the Arts Fest presented work by and for those of the LGBTQ community. Students were invited to join RockOUT at the Smith Student Center (SSC) Lounge to view the artwork and enjoy pizza. Two pieces of art were displayed, one by Marian Grata and another by Maialen Petrissans. 

Grata’s work was labeled “The Best of Each Other” and “Harmonious Kiss.” Petrissans’ work was inspired by other art she found. All pieces of art were acrylic on canvas. 

“It seems like the interests of art and being a part of the queer community often align,” Walker said. “It is very important for an artist to share part of them or part of their story through art. I think painting art that relates to the LGBTQ experience is just a way of telling their story.” 

On Wednesday, Queer Bing was hosted in the SSC Theatre. Students were encouraged to come out and play bingo with a chance to win several different prizes. 

Acceptance Day was scheduled to be held during common hour on Thursday. RockOUT had invited organizations and clubs to show their support of the LGBTQ students who attend SRU at The Quad.

On Saturday, the RockOUT Drag Show will be held in the SSC Ballroom. Tickets are $2.50 and can be purchased through the SRU website or at the front desk of the SSC.

RockOUT partnered with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. The night will consist of five drag queens who will present a night full of “high kicks, death drops and the splits.” 

The event will also consist of giveaways of prizes, candy, gift cards and laptop stickers. 

To stay up to date with RockOUT events or learn more about the RockOUT Drag Show on Saturday, follow @srurockout on Instagram and @Rockout at SRU on Facebook.  


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