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Sunday, July 3, 2022

You’re beautiful just the way you are

Day in and day out, the media is constantly bombarding us to dress, look and feel a certain way. We must wear high-top fashion, follow...

Russian zombie plants resurrected with help of squirrels

Now that I have your attention with that admittedly misleading headline, allow me to explain. Recently, some Moscow scientists succeeded in bringing back to life...

Racism is still an issue faced by SRU students

How far have we really come? In my opinion, we have come very far, but we still have a long way to go. On a campus...

Wait, what was the reason for the balloon release again?

Balloons are pretty. There's no doubt about that. Watching hundreds of multi-colored balloons being released into the air is definitely a sight unlike any other. But it's...

Activism in the name of awareness taken a bit too far

Campus activism has a long and illustrious history, playing key roles in such tumultuous issues as the civil rights movement and the Vietnam anti-war...

Immediacy of Twitter trumps Facebook

Twitter is a website that is the ultimate social media. It makes or breaks careers for celebrities, it plays a part in politics, and even...

Dauwalder is our choice for SRU’s 16th president

Searching for a new president is a long and difficult task. It's also extremely important. Think about it. The man or woman that takes the...

To vend Plan B or not to vend Plan B, that is the question

It's strange how a single vending machine at one of our sister institutions can cause so much controversy, even within our own newsroom. In case...

Neupauer and Humphrey safe choices for SRU presidency, each has unique set of experiences

With only one presidential candidate left to visit campus it is reassuring to know that the future leadership of Slippery Rock lies in the...

Corbett’s crusade against education needs to end

Budget. When you see that word, you probably want to put down the newspaper and quit reading. It's confusing, and it doesn't even affect you anyway...
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