UPB’s haunted house leaves SRU students screaming

Published by adviser, Author: Nina Bracci - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: October 27, 2016

The University Program Board (UPB) left students frightened at its annual Halloween event Wednesday night in the Smith Student Center ballroom with a haunted house maze and treats for the aftermath.

This is the third time the organization has held the event and it is always during the week of Halloween.

The Director of University Program Board events and junior public relations major, Mallory Milberger, explained that she was very happy with the turn out, which was approximately 400 people.

“It’s definitely a huge success, the line speaks for itself tonight,” Milberger said.

UPB partnered with ARHS for the event and both decided to make it a carnival haunted circus theme.  The occasion featured carnival games, candy, and a photo booth with props to celebrate Halloween.

Committee members from both UPB and ARHS were in the house scaring people and also working the line and the candy station in the ballroom.

The event took two hours to set up.  Simplified Entertainment, the agency that UPB went through, had the house layout thought through before they came to set it up.  15 volunteers helped in the set up and listened to the agency for directions on how to put everything together.

The haunted house had clowns following students who walked through, people in masks, hanging skeletons, and strobe lights to add a scare aspect.

Around each corner was someone hiding and ready to jump out at groups who went through the maze.  There were cubby holes, dead ends and several screams.

Junior recreational therapy major, Kaylee Pistorius, said she was not expecting the house to be scary as it was.

“My favorite part was the end because I was able to get out,” Pistorius said.

Milberger explained that it’s an exciting event because it is a kickoff for the week of Halloween and she gets to see good scares with the clowns freaking people out.

“Having people come through and telling me it’s scary and fun and that they’re having a good time is definitely rewarding in itself,” Milberger said.

Sophomore exercise science major Mary Meyer said her friends were looking for something to do and decided it would be a fun gathering.

She said she was expecting the haunted house to be less scary because it was on campus, but it was just as scary as other houses that she’s gone to at other places.

Milberger said she the most exciting aspect of the event is the turn out that the organization receives.  She said she hopes the haunted house gets people excited to dress up, have a nice weekend, and jump into the Halloween spirit.


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