Fey and Poehler bring the funny in “Sisters”

Published by adviser, Author: Harmony Kasper - Rocket Contributor, Date: January 28, 2016

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do comedy like they do best in their outrageously hilarious movie, “Sisters.”  Fans of “Bridesmaids” and “Trainwreck” will equally enjoy this female-driven film.  With two of the audience’s favorite alums from “Saturday Night Live” starring in a film together, you can’t begin to imagine the wild ride that will occur.  And believe me, it’s an obscene, crazy one.

Even though Tina and Amy look nothing alike, they play sisters Kate and Maura Ellis.  Each lives their own life, with Maura having hers a lot more together than Kate’s.  The drastically opposite sisters are brought together when they’re informed by their parents, played by Dianne Wiest and James Brolin, that their childhood home is being placed on the market.  The sisters are confused on why their parents would do this to them, so they travel down to Orlando to convince them not to, but when they arrive, it’s already too late.  Instead of dealing with the situation, the sisters decide to throw one last party, cleverly named “Ellis Island,” and invite all of their high school classmates.

The party begins as a bust when they realize all of their old friends have stable, put-together lives and don’t care to rage like they used to.  Soon enough, the Ellis sisters turn the party from a snooze-fest into a wild, out of control party.  Stuff happens at this party that I would have never thought could happen, ever.  Once the partygoers get going, there’s no stopping them, to the point where disasters begin to occur.  Towards the end, the audience can begin to see how this film will wrap up, with some heartfelt moments and continuous zingers by Fey and Poehler.

Yes, there are drugs, a ton of alcohol and extremely vulgar lines, but it’s all part of the comedic genius that are Fey and Poehler.  Not everyone can deliver lines that are inappropriate, yet still produce a ton of laughs.  Their many years on SNL have trained them to be comedy magicians both on television and in film.  This film, which has a rather simple plot and faintly reminds me of “Neighbors,” delivers exactly what it intends to.  There’s no way someone could watch this movie and not laugh.  No joke, I laughed the entire time.  And even afterwards in the car on the way home.

Fey and Poehler are not the only SNL alums in the film.  Maya Rudolph plays their childhood nemesis that they still don’t like and purposely don’t invite to the party.   Rudolph, who plays Brinda, tries to get into the party multiple times, but Maura and Kate always catch her.  Someone who is invited to the party and is a current SNL cast member is Bobby Moynihan, who plays Alex.  He gets way too into the party situation and has some outrageous scenes that are almost too over the top.  John Cena, who starred in the comedy Trainwreck with Amy Schumer, plays a drug dealer and love for Kate.

With so many big-name actors and the amazing dialogue, it’s no wonder the movie is a success. I would go see this movie again in a heartbeat and probably buy it on DVD because it was that good.  If you need a long, long laugh, please, do yourself a favor and watch “Sisters.”  I think you’ll enjoy it.  This film receives a rating of 5/5.


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