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Published by adviser, Author: Ana Graham - Rocket Contributor, Date: December 6, 2012

Dear Ana,
What’s a good way to de-stress for finals?
Token Finals Question

Dear Token,
I know it seems like a long perilous journey that has no end, but finals are only a week long. In fact, they’re not even a week long because we have class on the Monday of finals week (if there is any logic or reason behind this, nobody knows). Just relax.

The weather has been very mild lately, so if you’re struggling with dealing with schoolwork in a cramped dorm room or the library, take a walk to exercise your body and ease your mind. Knowing that this is Slippery Rock, it will probably snow on finals week, so if you enjoy walking in the snow, that’ll be a likely possibility too.

Don’t rely on substances to de-stress – going to the bar is a better option for celebrating finishing all of your work rather than to escape from it. Coffee is not an anti-stress option, either, it is the last hope for you lazy kids who sleep all the time instead of studying (and by “you lazy kids,” I mean “me”) and while it may help you get your work done, you certainly won’t feel good about it.

You still have plenty of time to study for final exams. Just keep that in mind as you go through your week and take time to clear out any worried thoughts when you have to.

Dear Ana,
What is the ultimate question?
The Answer is Not 42

Dear 42,
I have been waiting for three semesters to receive the Ultimate Question, a question that advice columnists around the world have prophesied will one day come.  But, alas, I am not worthy enough of a columnist to receive the Ultimate Question, which I cannot even name. It’d be like saying Voldemort’s name.


Dear Ana,
Is it ok, while at a restaurant, to pick food out of your teeth with your bare fingers? I find it disgusting, but younger folks seem to do it all the time as if it’s normal. Some even examine the pickings, which I find extra disgusting. But maybe it’s just an age thing. Yer toothy opinion, please.

A Hairy Observer

Dear Hairy,
To be frank, that sounds disgusting. I wouldn’t find it socially acceptable to do that at a restaurant, especially since most have toothpicks and every restaurant has restrooms if someone was really that curious as to what was in their face.

Then again, I must ask, where do you eat? I don’t see this as a horribly common thing among young people, but then again I’m not that observant. Then again, rude people come in all ages so I’m sure it happens. Maybe it is because young people are too lazy to floss.

Dear Ana,
I have a conservative Christian friend who I love and respect. We get along very well and have a lot in common, except for our values. Politically and religiously, I am his total opposite. We usually have a lot to talk about other than things we disagree with, but in the past few months things have changed. I’m not trying to say that he is trying to push his beliefs on me, but he is totally trying to push his beliefs on me.

I don’t want to debate him, but I won’t stand for doing the things that he wants me to do or believe what he wants me to believe. What is a nice way to tell him to back off?
Awkward and Pushy

Dear Pushy,
What do you actually say to him when he says things that seem pushy? Do you quietly decline or do you do or say what he wants, even if you say you don’t want to? If you two never previously had this issue before, then it doesn’t seem like he is the radical kind of conservative who would try to normally push his beliefs on you.

Does he know about your value differences, considering you’ve never “debated” him about them? Maybe he thinks you’re more similar to him than you are, or perhaps because of lack of a stern response from you has made him assume that you are willing and open to change.

You need to sit him down and tell him candidly about your issues with him. Remind him of all the things you do have in common, but tell him firmly that when it comes to some things, you two will always be different and you are not willing to waver.


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