When the sun rose on Slippery Rock University this fall, the campus was filled with all kinds of things that kept the energy high. Fun and exciting events across campus, new and returning members of the SRU community, and plenty of music to keep it all going throughout the year.

As all students familiarize themselves with campus, they also hear the sounds that emit from different parts of its hilly, flower filled grounds. When you walk through the quad after syllabus week, the upbeat, bass heavy tunes from “The Boombox Kid” and his famous boombox fill the quad. As you walk to the persistent beat, the weight of all of the new homework and due dates is a little lighter and much more do-able. The days are never boring with songs like these driving the day forward and they keep spirits high after a long day in classes.

Music is almost as important as caffeine is during the start of a new semester at SRU. Ordering your coffee at Starbucks is a relaxing way to start the day. With songs like “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers and “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood filling the room, preparing for the day will be as easy as spending your Flex dollars on coffee every day.

On Saturdays, after the week is over, it’s time to unwind after a week of working hard and putting in the extra hours of studying. Home football games are a great environment to get together with other students and cheer on SRU as we compete against other schools. While you catch hot dogs in the stands, the SRU Marching Pride plays their halftime show. “Smile,” floats through the air and catches the attention of the audience with its uplifting chords and inspiring, bold melody. It reminds students to smile, “and maybe tomorrow, you’ll see the sun come shining through for you.”

You end the night with Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts.” Not only for empowering women, but all students, this song encourages self love across everybody with a strong and steady beat to keep the vibes up. Lizzo preaches the values of knowing your worth and loving yourself first as this is the foundation for great things. Put one foot in front of the other, remember to smile and remember that “we just keep it pushing.” Rock on!


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