Rebecca Dietrich

Published by adviser, Date: August 10, 2014

Early in high school, I found myself intrigued by art and photography. In a Photo One course, I learned the basic skills of a camera and different styles of photography. I took AP Photo the following year and developed my own style, creating pieces I never could have imagined back in Photo One. Leaving that class terrified me. I didn’t have the reassurance that I was going to continue my work and build a sound portfolio. Going into college, I had no major and no set plan. My plan was to take liberal studies until I could decide.  Thankfully, I found a way to peruse my passion in photography right on campus.  I found myself working as the Assistant Photo Editor after only a few weeks arriving at Slippery Rock University.  Holding this position helped me finally decide what career path would be best suited for me. I declared Communications, Emerging Technology and Multimedia at the end of my first semester. I finally began to see that I could have a future doing what I love. Immediately getting involved on campus helped me adjust as a freshman quite easily. The other staff members helped me out tremendously, teaching me about how our campus works. Being a part of the newspaper, I am updated about what is happening around me. I am so grateful to have gotten this position and the many opportunities it has given me. To be able to see my photographs in print across campus amazes me every week and to know that all our hard week is being noticed. Being a part of The Rocket was easily one of the best choices I could have ma­­­de at Slippery Rock.


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