Stephanie Cheek

Published by adviser, Date: January 8, 2012

Growing up I discovered that writing was a passion I had at a young age. As I got older it became harder to make up stories and to have the characters and plots continue. That is when I realized that I would not be writing the great American novel any time soon. When I entered into high school I tried to find my place and that place soon became the small closet sized room in the back of one of the classrooms where the school newspaper was created and distributed. The staff including all writers, editors, and photographers was a total of eight people. By the time I was a senior I was the Layout Editor and proud to be one of those eight people. I discovered that I loved talking to people and asking them questions. Interviewing those around me even helped me come out of my shell and get out of my comfort zone. In my opinion, the best interviews were the ones that became a conversation, and allowed me a chance to really get to know a person. I also loved recording events and other people’s experiences into my writing and soon found my passion switch from writing in general to journalism.

In college I automatically knew that I wanted to major in communication and more specifically journalism. In my first two years I’ve begun the process of fine-tuning my writing skills, but along with my classes I started out as a contributing writer for the campus newspaper, The Rocket. In these past two years nothing could compare to the on hands experience. This is my first year as Assistant Campus Life Editor and along with the writing and hands on experience that I am learning I am also looking forward to working with a team. So while I will not be writing the next bestselling book series, I believe that journalism and more specifically, the Rocket is a great jumping off point in my journalism career. I am excited to start off this year as a member of the Rocket staff team and look forward to helping write some memorable stories.


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