A conversation with Christi and Chloe Lukasiak

Dance Moms stars sit down with Rocket reporter

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: January 3, 2024
Rocket reporter Annabelle Chipps stands between Chloe Lukasiak (left) and Christi Lukasiak (right). Christi was invited to speak by SRU's Panhellenic council.

INTERVIEWER (I): So, What brings you to Slippery Rock today? 

CHRISTI: Well, I am here presenting. I have done a lot of work since COVID. Actually I started doing a lot of work on college campuses, mostly with sororities. I’ve done other groups as well, but I am doing–hopefully–a motivational speech talking about just some of the different ways that we can hold ourselves to a higher standard than maybe we do. So I’m excited to meet everyone and chat.

I: That’s really fun. Is this your first time ever coming to Slippery Rock?

Christi: Oh no. I’ve been to Slippery Rock. I mean, it was 25 years ago, I came and visited this before you like I came in? I hung out a couple of times.

I: Oh, all right. Well, what do you what do you think about university?

CHRISTI: I mean, it’s beautiful. It’s definitely grown since I was here 20 years ago. 

*Chloe sneezes*

 Bless you. Beautiful campus. 

*Chloe sneezes* 

 Bless you. And I’m excited to meet the students because it’s always the students that make the campus or the schools, of course.

I:  Right, right. So are you going around and touring different colleges? Are you just doing this just all over America in general?

CHRISTI: I have mostly spoken via zoom because I started speaking to universities during COVID. And so I did that year—My God, I did, what about 500 I want to say?—so I think the total at one point was between 30 and 40,000 women I spoke with because it was also already is and since everybody’s back and more in person, I’ve done more in person events. But I still do quite a bit a lot online. It’s just easier but it’s always exciting when I get a chance to get in the room because seeing people and the energy is always great.

I: That’s awesome. So in addition to to touring and talking to people, what else have you been been up to lately?

CHRISTI: Well, I have a couple of different things going on…I’ve renovated a 200 year old house in New Orleans that we now rent like an Airbnb for bachelorette parties. And I’m now a co-owner of a production company. So yeah, we’re creating some really interesting content that I’m excited about. And I’m a partner in Chloe’s new business venture, which is a national dance competition.

I: Wow, could you tell me more about that? 

CHLOE: Oh, me? Yeah, it’s called Elevate National Dance Competition. And we just want to come into the dance space, which, you know, is already filled with lots of well known competitions and we just want to infuse the dance world with positivity and support because it’s something that’s kind of lacking there right now. Obviously, there’s so many incredible dancers throughout the country, but we feel like it’s a bit negative and toxic at times. So we really want to teach dancers to remember to simply enjoy the sport and to cheer each other on and to really like find that love and passion for it again.

I: That’s very cool! Well, what have you been doing aside from that? You’re in school, right? 

CHLOE: Yeah, I’m in school. 

I: Where do you go?

CHLOE: Pepperdine. 

I: What are you studying?

CHLOE: Creative Writing. 

I: Okay, that’s what I’m studying here. 

CHLOE: Oh, really? That’s awesome. 

CHRISTI: I love college graduates. She graduates in what three weeks?

I: Oh my gosh, that’s really exciting.

CHRISTI: I know. I can’t wait.  three weeks and then we hit the road for elevate. We’ll be touring starting the end of January. And we have 12 cities in the inaugural year so we’ll be on the road. And there’s a team. Chloe has built an incredible team, including who could be the most controversial employee. 

CHLOE: My sister. 

CHRISTI: Yeah, so that’ll be interesting because she’s the boss. She’s my boss. And I don’t know how Claire will feel about taking orders from Chloe.

I: Oh, that’ll be fun.

CHRISTI: Yes, that will that will be a lot of fun. 

I: All right, so I guess I’ll just ask more about you. Is there anything you want people, students to know about you?

CHRISTI: Um, goodness. Thank you for all of the love and support over the years keeping Dance Moms alive. It’s crazy that the show had premiered 12 years ago, and it still has such a place in pop culture. And I mean, every time I go on TikTok, there’s a new five year old trend that is somehow Dance Moms related. We appreciate you guys and it’s really fun to see. I’m sure you may have watched it when you were younger, but it’s fun to see people come back and watch it as they’re older now, because I feel like now you have a new appreciation for the moms. When you were younger, you probably liked the girls. Maybe you appreciate Kelly and I a little bit more now. And yeah, I mean, it’s just it’s crazy. That there’s been so much buzz still around something that really that would never be made in 2023. That show could never be made in today’s culture. Yes, very controversial. However, we get a tiny bit of a pass because it’s older but still I’m always apologizing for bad behavior from a decade ago. I’ve grown. I recognize a lot of those mistakes for sure. 

I: Yes, yeah. That’s amazing. So about the show–there’s–was there either just a reunion or is there one coming?

CHRISTI: They filmed, I wasn’t there. So I’m involved in it, but I wasn’t on set. I was filming my vampire episode that week. But yes, a lot of the original cast came back they filmed a reunion that’s going to air April or May? And I actually am hosting a new show for Lifetime as well that will be announced around that time too. 

I: Tell me about it. 

CHRISTI: I can’t really give away too much. Okay, but it’s dance mom adjacent. 

I: That sounds very fun.

I: I think those are all the formal questions that I had. I didn’t know [Chloe] would be here, but I wanted to say that I went to Mars [School District]. So my older brother was in your grade, Alex chipps? 

CHLOE: Oh, yeah I remember him! That’s crazy. 

CHRISTI: Poor Clo didn’t really have the full high school experience.

CHLOE: Yeah, I was only there for middle school. I wasn’t there for high school. 

I: Right…that’s all I have. But if there’s anything like additional, you want to say,

CHRISTI:I like your cat sticker.

I: Thank you so much! Thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. 


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