Campus police ensure safety

Published by Arturo Pla, Date: September 12, 2023

While the campus quiets down in the summer, Campus Police at Slippery Rock University (SRU) prioritize training for an even safer environment.

As the summer sun beat down, and the halls of the university grow quieter, campus police carried out their work to ensure the safety and security of the campus community. 

From overseeing traffic and property protection to undergoing specialized training, these officers remained committed to their mission even during the break.

Behind the scenes, officers engaged in rigorous training sessions to enhance their expertise. The training covered crime codes, vehicle regulations, rules of criminal procedure and defensive tactics. These sessions are conducted during both winter and summer breaks.

Kevin Sharkey, Chief of University Police, emphasized how the summer is the perfect time to conduct these trainings since it is usually less busy “call-wise.”

Despite the decreased activity, a dispatcher remains on duty at all times to handle incoming calls. A minimum of one officer is deployed on the road, and two officers often work in tandem to provide coverage. 

Campus Police work in harmony with state police year-round. This collaboration includes mutual aid, where officers lend their support to state police if the situation requires their presence. For example, if they need a car in a specific area, the campus officers provide it. 

As the semester begins, the officers will continue with their 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team (CTI) training for crisis interventions, which consists of how to respond to mental health related calls as well as ensuring everyone’s safety at SRU.


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