Main attractions on Main Street

Old and new locations offer students a break from campus

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: October 4, 2022
The interior of Roosters Coffee Bar.

Though not on campus, Slippery Rock Township’s Main Street is a big part of life for students who live at school.  

A short walk perpendicular to Old Main takes one right into the heart of town. There, students are greeted with familiar food favorites such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.  

“I love having a Dunkin’ right by campus,” freshman Katie Brady said. “My friends and I like to grab some doughnuts and get good coffee when we’re tired of campus food.”  

Brady also mentioned that students flock a few blocks further to Sheetz on the weekends “for fun”. 

“There’s not much to do up here, both on and off campus,” Brady said. “Sheetz has lots of things to look at when you can’t stand looking at the same four walls anymore.” 

While many enjoy these corporate classics, Main Street also offers local restaurants for residents to sink their teeth into.  

A popular destination is Ginger Hill Tavern, a bar that has served families and students since 2007. 

“My friends who are over 21 say hanging out at Ginger Hill is better than most parties here,” junior Ian Phelps said. The restaurant serves American dinner staples along with fried appetizers and alcohol. This is their only location.  

Another establishment unique to Main Street is Bob’s Sub & Sandwich Shop. Phelps called it his “go-to when I’m looking for food in town.” As the sandwich shop has been open since 1973, Phelps said “it’s almost as old as [his] parents.”  

The following year, 1974, a breakfast and lunch restaurant called The Camelot opened. Although they offer full breakfasts for under $5 on weekday mornings, students tend to have more time to visit on the weekends.  

Another breakfast option is the newly opened Rooster’s Coffee Bar. Originally set to open in 2020, Rooster’s made their debut in the fall of 2022. Unlike most attractions on Main Street, students are still getting to know the establishment.  

The café serves pastries baked daily, with options varying from day to day. They also offer a vast array of tea and coffee drinks. According to junior and frequent patron Abigail Campbell, the best drink on the menu is the Rooster’s Study Buddy Tea.  

“Finally, we have an independent coffee shop near campus,” Campbell said, “I’m tired of funneling money into Starbucks when on campus, or Dunkin’ when off.”  

On the other hand, North Country Brewing Company, owned by Bob McCafferty, has several restaurants throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania. One of those locations is Main Street’s North Country Brew Pub. 

“[North Country Brew Pub] is where I always suggest we go when my family comes to visit me at school,” said Brady. “It has a great atmosphere and old-timey feel.” 

The pub was built in 1805 as a single-family home. Since then, the site has been an inn, a furniture store, a funeral home and now North Country Brew Pub.  

As for dessert, Main Street houses Yumberries of Slippery Rock to suit the public’s frozen yogurt needs.  

Main Street also has multiple options for shopping. Phelps named several retail stores in town, such as Taggart’s Jewelry and Our Angels Attic. However, there are other types of businesses that students visit often. 

“SRU students are lucky to have a few different tattoo shops at our disposal, even for a thing like getting your ears pierced,” said sophomore Kaelin Love. “It’s something fun and different to do.”  

Slippery Rock University holds many events on campus territory. Still, some students prefer to venture out of bounds.  

“The fact that Main Street is a five-minute walk from my dorm makes it almost as important to me as the student center,” said Brady. “I am glad to have easy access to so many unique places.”     


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