Everything to expect from Yeat’s ‘Alive 2’

Published by Owen Myers, Date: February 15, 2022

Yeat’s “2 ALIVE,” the sequel to his album “ALIVE,” released in early 2021, is set to release on Feb. 18. Here’s everything you can expect from it. 

Originally, Yeat was supposed to release the album in January, but the rising artist explained that he was waiting on a secret feature, which may or may or may not have been the most recent snippet he previewed on his Instagram Live. 

Owen Myers

One of the latest developments in the “2 ALIVE” story is Yeat’s Instagram live video from Feb. 7. On this live, Gunna, the Young Stone Life (YSL) Records artist can be heard. This feature may have been the secret feature from before because Gunna’s name cannot be seen on the tracklist that was previewed a few weeks before the album’s release. 

This secret feature could also be a snippet Yeat posted to his Instagram feed and deleted soon after. The snippet has been titled “3G” and towards the end of it, Lil Uzi Vert’s vocals can be heard. Later, Yeat posted a photo of himself and in the caption, Lil Uzi Vert was tagged. The photo may have been from a frame of a music video shoot for the song, but there is no way of confirming that. The only thing this post confirmed is that the two have worked together on a song. 

Before the album released, Yeat gave his audience a music video shot by Cole Bennett, the creator of Lyrical Lemonade on Feb. 11. The video is for a song called “Still Countin,” which is also formerly known as the popular snippet Yeat previewed on Instagram Live, “Luh Krank.”

At the end of the video, there is a clip for another music video with Yeat for the song “Poppin,” which is formerly known as the leaked song, “Love N Drugs.” At the end of the “Still Counting” video, Cole Bennett presented a screen of text that explains that the collaborators couldn’t decide on what video to release, so they chose to release both.

Cole Bennett took to his Instagram story and asked fans if the collaborators should finish the “Poppin” video, or if they should keep it how it is and make a new one. Bennett said that he was open to any song suggestions that his audience may have.

Yeat released a part of the tracklist for “2 ALIVE” on his Instagram story. From what can be seen on the tracklist, a song features mainstream Atlanta artist, Young Thug. 

Owen Myers

On Jan, 22, the user bagheadburu took to Reddit and published a screen recording of Yeat’s Instagram Live. The user put in the title that the snippet had the same sound as a SoundCloud exclusive song, “Not tha same.” This song has been titled “Rollin” by Yeat’s fans. 

On that same day, Yeat previewed a song that is rumored to be “Nvr again,” which can be seen on the second part of the previewed tracklist of “2 ALIVE.” Yeat has played this song on Instagram Live many times for his audience. 

Yeat confirmed on his Instagram story that the popular snippet of “All Juicez” will be on the album as well. 

Owen Myers

An unconfirmed tracklist has been released on Genius. Towards the end of the list, the most notable thing on the album is the Drake feature on the track, “New Turban.” Once again, this is an unconfirmed tracklist, so there is no way of proving this to be right. 

Lastly, there is an 18-minute video full of Instagram Lives and snippets by Yeat posted on YouTube. Each snippet has the potential to be on the album, but no one knows which ones will be on the album or which ones his audience will never hear again.   


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