Music Therapy Club students promoting their club at the Involvement Fair earlier this fall.

Music has many health benefits including promoting wellness, managing stress, expressing feelings, improving memory and communication and more. The Music Therapy Club at Slippery Rock University seeks to educate the public about music therapy, raises awareness about the purpose of music therapy and provides opportunities and learning experiences for members of the organization.  

The organization consists of about 60 students and meets bi-weekly. Currently the organization is meeting virtually as it is difficult to get all members together in the same location. Some members of the organization even live internationally. 

President of the Music Therapy Club Lindsay Malloy spoke on the importance of music therapy.  

“Music therapy is like any other therapy such as physical or occupational therapy,” said Malloy. “It can sometimes be used for people with intellectual disabilities but it is not limited to certain people. Anyone can benefit from it.” 

The Music Therapy Club works with the department’s music therapy clinic where students volunteer time to work with people in the Slippery Rock community. The music therapy clinic has recording equipment, a one-way mirror and observational room and a wide variety of instruments. The clinic holds weekly sessions for about 30-50 minutes depending on the client. The music therapy sessions cost $10 per session and clients sign up for 12 sessions per semester.  

“Maybe if I am working with a client on trying to talk more, I would maybe practice songwriting or sing some of their favorite songs and let them fill in the blanks,” said Malloy. “I would let them fill in the blanks or work on some things to get them expressing more words.” 

The club also hosts many events including the Music Therapy Club Benefit Concert. This event will occur on Nov. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Swope Recital Hall. The club will collect donations to help support music therapy students attend national and regional music therapy conferences. To donate to the benefit concert, click here. The benefit concert will be co-sponsored with the Music Department.  

Recently the club held a game night at the Ski Lodge which allowed members an opportunity to play music, get to know each other and stay connected.  

The Music Therapy Club has previously held a MARAMTS Gives Back Yumberries Fundraiser, a Jazz Ensemble, events with guest speakers, other benefit concerts and more.

The club also held the “Music Major for a Day” event for students interested in exploring the daily life of a music major. The Music Therapy Club often collaborates with other organizations in the music department.  

To connect with the Music Therapy Club, follow @srumusictherapy on Instagram or @SlipperyRockMusicTherapy on Facebook. To check out the SRU Music Therapy blog, click here. 

To stay up to date with all events, connect with the Music Therapy Club on CORE or email Malloy at or the official Music Therapy Club email,  

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