New artist Kg Prince on the rise

Published by Owen Myers, Date: October 29, 2021

Kg Prince is an underground artist from Denver, Colorado, who has established himself in a new era of music by adding his own style to the artistic process of creating music. For an early artist, he has a large discography including his latest EP “Tantrum Temper.”

Kg Prince started off in a group called Kloud Gang in 2017, which has since disbanded. He talked about his reasons with keeping the “Kg” as an independent artist.

“The group had fell out, so I changed it to mean ‘Keep Going,’” Kg said. “I didn’t want to change my name because I was already in too deep. Too many people know me as Kg Prince. I feel like re-branding would be so hard.”

Kg Prince explained that he had been around music for as long as he can remember. His grandfather and mother were bass players, his dad plays the keyboard and they all sing. He added that his family is an acting family, which is why he dabbles in that realm of creativity as well. He was also in choir and concert band in school.

“I really want to be an artist. I made a rap song, so I guess I’m considered a rapper, but I’m trying to be an artist.”

The listener can hear the XXXTENTACION influence in many of Kg Prince’s songs, specifically on “Whatchu Doin?,” a song off of his Vendetta mixtape. He agreed and said that he enjoyed a lot of X’s music back in 2017.

“That whole SoundCloud-wave was just so fire to me. When they were doing their thing, I feel like a lot of us were getting inspired by them.”

He went on to add that he’s also influenced by the likes of Twista, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and more. He loves the flows that those artists were able to develop, as well as their notable wordplay.

“I like saying something to get a person to tilt their head. I feel like that just makes the replay value better,” Kg said.

In his latest EP, listeners can hear the yeat-type-beat production that is trending currently accompanied by a different style of rapping. Nowadays, a lot of artists like to completely copy a person who is trending in hopes that they will have the same success as them.

“You have to know how to adjust to the sound of the moment,” he said, “but also be you as an artist.”

Kg Prince is an independent artist. He said that he does most things that a signed rapper would have someone else do. He makes his own cover art, edits his videos, and mixes and masters all his songs. He wants to get into producing when he has the time to do so. He explained that by doing so, he feels like he has an authority to say that he did it all, and that it’ll help him grow as an artist.

He’s already done a few shows. He described his latest show as crazy and amazing because of how great the energy he created in the room was.

As for his next release, Kg Prince said that getting an album in by the end of the year may be a stretch.

When asked when listeners would hear a new Kg Prince Project he answered, “2022, but I need to experience new things. I need to go out and do things with friends. I need to experience something new just so I’m not talking about the same things.”

Kg Prince can be found on Instagram @Kgprincexx and his Youtube is Kgprince.


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