Weekly Organization Highlight: Boost Peer Educators

Boost Peer Educators plans events to help students transition back to in-person

Published by , Date: September 20, 2021

Boost is a peer wellness coaching program that focuses on personal, emotional and social wellness within individuals. Boost is an organization that is run under student support. The Boost Peer Educators are students at SRU who are paid and go through training to become a certified peer trainer. 

Boost Peer Educators work on growing personal, social and emotional wellness pieces through different programs, events or collaborating with other organizations. 

Boost also hosts various events throughout the year to get students interacting with one another and bettering their overall wellness.

Coming up on campus, Boost will be hosting Speed Friending in the Smith Student Center Ballroom A on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. 

Earl Coburn, assistant director of outreach and case management, spoke on the hope for Speed Friending.  

“We have been away for so long and have not had a chance to connect,” said Coburn. “The program has tips and tricks to make connections to put yourself out there and also talks about what happens if the connections do not go the way you hoped.”  

Coming up this semester, Boost will also be holding a program on journaling. 

Boost Peer Educator, Lois Page, is planning an event for students to play tennis and educate those about the benefits of exercising. She also hopes to use this event to teach others how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives as well as some resources offered to students on campus.  

“I am a student-athlete as well as a Boost Peer Educator, so I really want to focus on the importance of exercise and how that can help students with wellness especially coping with stress,” said Page. “It can be a really good outlet and something to take your mind of school and home life and other things.” 

To connect with Boost Peer Coaching, follow @sruboost on Instagram and Twitter. To become a Boost Peer Educator, apply on Handshake.  


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