Who are they: The Three Kings of Slayworld

Published by Owen Myers, Date: September 8, 2021

Right off the bat, you’re probably wondering what Slayworld is. Back in 2016, Slayworld was first created. It was an underground collective with numerous rappers, producers and affiliates. They all work together and make the same kind of music called “pluggnb.” This group has had buzz in the underground music scene for a while now and are starting to make their way through to the mainstream.

The Three Kings of Slayworld: King One, Autumn!

The first king is an artist by the name of Autumn!. The Louisiana native has elaborated on one of the other king’s style of music, as well as developing his own sound. If you try to search Autumn! on social media, you’ll have a hard time finding him because he goes by his producer tag “Twinuzis.”

In an interview with Our Generation MusicAutumn! said he started producing when he was 11 years old so he could become closer with his brother. The artist said if he hadn’t met a fellow Slayworld artist, he wouldn’t have started rapping.

Out of the three, I believe Autumn! has the most potential. His most played song “Still The Same” is beautiful. It talks about the subject matter anybody could predict on a rap song, but for the last minute of the song it takes a more sad tone with piano and drives home a roller coaster of emotion.

At the time of writing this, Autumn! released a five song EP titled “Not Much Longer,” which was basically a filler for the second part of his previous release “Golden Child Chapter 1.” Autumn! took to Instagram to announce that the second chapter is on its way and afterward, he will be taking time away from dropping music to focus on the second installment of “Ils Vernot.”

As for the artist’s future, be on the lookout for a song titled “Waste No Time!.” Autumn! first previewed this amazing R’n’B song on Instagram live. In the screen recording of the live, you can see how well-received it is. Go listen for yourself and keep Autumn! on your radar.

The Three Kings of Slayworld: King Two, Summrs

Summrs, just like Autumn!, is a Louisiana native who has been recently making some noise in the underground scene. He has revolutionized this new sound called, “pluggnb.” Pluggnb production is broken down into two parts: In the words of Autumn!, these type of beats of “plugg-type drums and the softness of R’n’B.” Summrs created this wave and has inspired people like Autumn! and others around the world to make the same kind of music.

His most recent release is an EP titled “What We Have.” The six song EP features great songs, one of them being “bfo2,” which trended as a sound prior to its official release. After the release, the song “just cant” took the same approach and began as a dance trend on TikTok.

Unfortunately for the artist, there has been a new artist page created which is named “Summrs Archive.” The user steals SoundCloud exclusive songs from the artist so he can make money off Summrs’ name. What makes it even worse is the fake account has more monthly listeners than the actual artist. The page has been up for a while, and the only action Summrs has taken against it is informing his fans that it is not him, and that they should refrain from streaming the fake account.

As for Summrs’ future, he has a project dropping August 20 titled “Nothing more Nothing Less.” According to fans in the comments of the announcement post, the project will be collaborated with the next king, KanKan. Be on the lookout for the next new wave of music.

At the time of writing this, Summrs has not dropped the previously mentioned project. Typically artists within this collective will drop their projects on SoundCloud first, but it has not appeared. It goes without saying, but the project is not on Spotify or Apple Music either. Who knows when the project will release, but hopefully he releases a statement soon.

The Three Kings of Slayworld: King Three, KanKan

Kankan is an artist out of Dallas, Texas with a lethargic cadence and crazy beat selection. Kankan is a versatile artist that can get on pluggnb style beats and rage beats, the two styles of beats that are hot right now.

In an interview with Our Generation Music, Kankan said that he was heavily inspired by an artist Speaker Knockerz. He learned that Speaker Knockerz made his own beats, which Kankan found interesting, so he started to produce himself.

Starting out, Kankan was a “type-beat” producer, which means that he would make the same style of production that a specific artist or group of artists would typically select. Eventually, he received two major placements in 2017 with rising artists at the time, Smokepurpp and Xavier Wolf, with the song “F*** A Swisher” and with Famous Dex and Lil Pump with the song “Talkin Sh*t.”

As time passed on, KanKan met the two previous kings. In the same interview, KanKan explains that he knew Autumn! as Twinuzis first and then found out that they were the same person. The Dallas native said he discovered Summrs because he was stealing his beats. Summrs reached out months later after KanKan had noticed and asked if they could work together. Seeing that Summrs was a rising artist, KanKan accepted.

The song that gained a lot of attention was “Fraction,” which is a collaboration with the well-known producer Jetsonmade. This song recently created the most buzz because of the recognizable beat tag and because of how great of a song it is.

His most recent project release was his EP titled “##B4RR.” Every song is consistently good and even features another rising artist in SSGKobe on the song “Wicked.” I highly recommend anyone who is trying to get into this new SoundCloud era of rap to give this EP a listen.

A couple of days ago, KanKan released a song titled “Murda Talk,” where he takes on a new style of production. The most relevant artist to compare it to is Youngboy Never Broke Again, which just so happens to be one of KanKan’s favorite artists. He tackles the beat with his same kind of rapping on the rest of his discography, which makes for an interesting, yet enticing listen.

Kankan appeals to other forms of media as well. Every month, he posts day in the life videos, where he shows what he does as a rising artist. His latest video “Day in the Life of Kankan 5…” featured the big named artist Trippie Redd. In the vlog, Kankan previews a song that him and the Cleveland native collaborated on.

As for the artist’s future, KanKan announced the project “##RR” on Twitter, which will be dropping sometime in September. Be on the lookout for that because this artist is going to be making more than just a buzz.

Unfortunately, Kankan announced that Slayworld isn’t a thing anymore. The rapper said some random person started the collective in Canada and it was never about the music, until the very end. This left fans to wonder what it actually was, but they still can resonate with the artists within the collective.


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