Success coaching on mindset, motivation and why


The Success Coaching Team held two sessions of Perseverance is Possible: Fueling Your Motivation and Momentum on Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, March 31 

The speakers during this event were Aubrey Rader, career and life design coordinator for the Office of Career Education and Development; Julie Ferringer, a student success coach for the Office of Career Education and Development; Emily McClaine, a student success coach for the Office of Career Education and Development; and Bryan Anthony Murray, AKA Coach BAM, coordinator of academic progress for the Office of Career Education and Development.

The topics discussed were aspects that motivate us, including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how our mindset affects us.  

The discussion consisted of why your mindset matters, reflecting on what motivates you, values, and developing your ‘why’. During these times it can be especially difficult to stay motivated and have a positive mindset, which is why the coaches provided this event to sit down and think about what effects our motivation and mindset. 

Ferringer spoke on advice for students regarding mindset and motivation. 

“I really encourage students to explore their mindset and pull from past experiences on where they have gotten motivation before and do some values exploration,” said Ferringer. “We get into a routine, and we kind of let that go to the back burner. Anytime that we can bring that to the forefront is going to help really motivate us and give us that kick to push us through that.” 

Throughout this event, all participants contributed by describing their mindset and what has motivated them during past situations and events. If you could not attend this event and would like to dive deeper into your own ‘why,’ use the sheet pictured above to learn more about what inspires you and your ‘why.’ 

“Just be intentional,” said Murray. “Be intentional with your time. When it comes to finding out that motivational piece, we are finding out that motivational piece and we are finding out your life. Finding out what motivations you intrinsically really makes it so much deeper and so much more powerful.” 

Upcoming events from the Success Coaching Team is Final Funk OR Rock-Solid Finish on Tuesday, April 13 at 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. 

To keep up with the Success Coaches and find out about upcoming events, follow @SRUSuccessCoach on Twitter. To meet with a Coach, go to or send an email to

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