HOPE fair educates on safer sex and health


On Tuesday, Oct. 13 the HOPE (Healthy Outreach Through Peer Education) fair was hosted via Zoom. The topics covered this year included: healthy relationships, sexual assault & consent, stress & resiliency, safer sex & sexually transmitted infections (STI).   

HOPE is working all year round to promote and teach healthy habits to Slippery Rock students. Their topics primarily stem around stress and resiliency, safer sex habits, safe alcohol habits and overall general wellness.  

Ashley Hertrich, this year’s HOPE fair committee lead and a third year HOPE peer leader, started this event last year in spirit of trying to get the organization seen as more than the “safer sex people” as she put it.  

“We felt that a lot of students didn’t know what we actually did outside of teaching about safer sex,”Hertrich said.

She went on to say what a normal, non-digital semester would hold for the organization. Normally, there would be presentations in FYRST seminars as well as events throughout the year on campus. 

This was one of many events to occur online, alongside a COVID presentation that has been happening this semester. This presentation includes things pertaining to safety habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, information of mental, social, and nutritional health in relation to the pandemic and many more topics. Hertrich adds, “If anyone is interested in any of our events, they can reach out to srupeers@gmail.com for more information. 

Students can look forward to a “Safer Sex Spooktacular” at the end of October that will include giveaways and prizes based on participation. There’s going to be more events happening as the year continues.   

If you are interested in learning more about HOPE, you can find them on Twitter and Instagram @SRUHOPE, as well as TikTok @SRUPEERS.  


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