Letters from Lambda: Connect with your creativity


Everyone is at least a little creative. If you do not think you are, you are wrong. There are many ways to be creative, too. Keeping your creativity alive can help you feel fulfilled and a little less stir crazy while stuck at home.

There are a lot of ways to be creative and you don not have to be the best at something to do it. Now is a great time to pick up a new hobby or reconnect with an old one that you may have been too busy for before. Here are just a few examples of ways that you can be creative.

Doodle in your notebook. You probably are not the next Leonardo da Vinci, but you may be better at drawing than you realize. Use scrap papers, old journals or a sketchbook if you have one, and pick up some pens, markers, crayons or even just a pencil. It does not matter what you draw or what you draw with as long as you practice.

Some of us resign ourselves to stick figures, and that is okay. Maybe music is more your kind of hobby. Did you play an instrument in high school that is still around the house? Unpack your old sheet music and see what you can remember, or look up new songs online you would like to try. If you are totally new to an instrument, or just a little rusty, check out tutorials on YouTube. Once you have practiced and you are ready to perform, see if you can get a family member to sing along with you. It will be a fun activity for the whole family.

Maybe your creativity does not come from the dexterity in your hands that activities like drawing and playing an instrument require, but from the dexterity in your mind. If you have a way with words, get into some creative writing. You can scribble short stories by hand in a journal just for yourself or type a novella and publish it online for the world to see. Do not get caught up in the technicalities of writing, just let your story flow. If you find yourself facing writer’s block, you can always find prompts online. Some prompts are part of contests that you could enter your writing in as well.

Perhaps cooking is your forte. As Ratatouille taught us, “anyone can cook.” Try out new recipes or old family favorites. Now is the time to get to know your way around the kitchen before you have to feed yourself.

Getting into photography is another easy way to be creative. All you really need is your phone and an idea. With the number of editing apps out there, you will not have to buy Photoshop to put together that next amazing Instagram post. Safely get out of the house and try to see things from a different angle.

Now is also a great time to examine your wardrobe. If you have been wanting to find your own style, start by playing around with different outfits you would not normally wear, or re-purposing old jeans, t-shirts and accessories. You may find you have a knack for fashion. Can you sew, knit or embroider? Incorporate a homemade piece into your look.

These are just a few ways to stretch your creative muscle, i.e. the brain. Think of how great it feels to look at something you’ve created, just for your own enjoyment. As it turns out, creativity has a lot of positive effects on your physical and mental health. You will see benefits like an improved mood, decreased anxiety, heightened cognitive function and a boosted immune system. So, get creative and stay safe!


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