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Published by , Date: February 5, 2020
Students and the Slippery Rock community wait in line at the new Dunkin Donuts for their coffee and food. The new location officially opened Monday the 27th.


DUNKIN COMING TO SLIPPERY ROCKThe popular chain restaurant will open its doors on Monday. What do some local businesses and students think about this new business coming to main street?Haley Potter and Sami Amato have the full story and will also be live on Monday at 10am for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Posted by WSRU-TV News on Saturday, January 25, 2020

America runs on Dunkin and now Slippery Rock does too.

Before the arrival of the Slippery Rock Dunkin Donuts, the closest location was Grove City. Marissa Jones, a senior art education major loves that she now has a closer location to get her caramel frozen coffee.

Dunkin Donuts had its grand opening Monday, welcoming the Slippery Rock community to  Heartland Restaurant group’s 55th location in Western Pennsylvania located on 304 S. Main Street.

Mayor JonDavid Longo said that the opening has been a long time coming and he and the community are excited.

“I remember as a student here almost ten years ago, waiting in line on the sidewalk trying to get into Sheetz when you could only fit about 25 people,” Longo said. “This is amazing.”

Although Longo isn’t always directly involved with bringing specific businesses, he is all about promoting Slippery Rock, implementing reduction in the fee resolution for future intended businesses and ensuring that Slippery Rock gets the exposure it deserves.

Longo doesn’t see incoming businesses or chains as competition to other businesses in the town and enjoys the traditional black coffee from the community oriented Dunkin.

“Dunkin, and even Taco Bell and Big Shot Bob’s are filling a niche,” Longo said. “Each of them has a certain clientele that they cater to. It’s a nice addition to the community.”

Enforcing Dunkin’s community oriented message, Chelsea Hawker, the marketing manager for Heartland Restaurant Group expressed the excitement from the franchise about the Slippery Rock location.

“We felt a warm welcoming from the community,” Hawker said. “Everyone was so nice and welcoming and had the same feelings we did.”

Although Dunkin is a chain, they are also a franchise and small business owners. Hawker doesn’t believe that they are here to polarize other businesses.

“I love how Dunkin gives back,” Hawker said. “Working here, we are one big family. The support in all levels makes [Dunkin] a great company and brand to work for.”

Dunkin gave back to the Slippery Rock community by offering its members about 50 jobs. Currently the location employees 48 staff members.

Longo said that the general manager intends to grow the number of staff members and continue adding to the team.

“I think that’s fantastic if you consider the positive impact it has on the community, especially a community like ours,” Longo said. “To offer 50 jobs, that’s huge for Slippery Rock and the area or students and townsfolk alike.”

Heartland Marketing Manager agrees, and said that Dunkin is excited to finally open in Slippery Rock to serve the students and community with much more to come.

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