Hopeful in serving his community, freshman runs for school board


Nicholas Hanahan, a freshman Secondary Education History major, will be running for a school board position at Sharpsville Area High School in the upcoming election.

In a Facebook post, Hanahan detailed his reasoning for running, citing a deep connection with the faculty and student body alike and an eagerness to stay involved.

“Throughout my high school career, I have been very involved with the school and have tried my best to make it a better place for the staff and students,” Hanahan said. “I graduated this year and I still want to be involved in the school and community as best I can, so I have decided to run for a school board position.”

Hanahan had previously maintained a position as student representative for three years prior to his graduation and attended meetings twice a month as part of his duties. In addition, due to what Hanahan described as a fascination with how the school district was run, he made an effort to attend every general body meeting as well.

“When I get involved in something, I give it 100%,” Hanahan said.

For this year’s campaigning, Hanahan said he had frequently been attending meetings and participating in fundraisers in his hometown of Sharpsville. His primary goal, he said, is to make sure the school district is able to run smoothly and efficiently, with particular attention paid to budgetary concerns.

“I am also passionate about ensuring that our budget is spent sensibly and conservatively on projects that are necessary for the district to function and prosper,” Hanahan said. “I have no desire to waste the money of our tax-paying constituents on unnecessary luxuries.”

Hanahan had previously won the primary in May, an event which he described as one of the biggest steps in the entire process, and remains hopeful that he may continue to serve his community in the future.

Editor’s note: This post was edited on Nov. 4 to correct the name of Hanahan’s hometown and high school. 


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