Accounting senior’s future is totally ‘accounted’ for after receiving scholarship

Published by , Author: Taylor Akers - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 16, 2018

Many students at Slippery Rock University want nothing more than to graduate, come out on the other side and pursue what they have worked for. Regardless of major, a career spurring from one’s degree is the ultimate fantasy for today’s college students and, as demonstrated by senior accounting major Hannah Nestor, it can be achieved.

Coming to the university as an undecided freshman searching for her passion, Nestor is now pursuing a career in auditing thanks to her recently awarded $10,000 scholarship, courtesy of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

The merit-based scholarship was only awarded to a few hundred students across the United States in order to motivate students to pursue a career in auditing. Nestor, being one of these individuals, was shocked, to say the least, exclaiming, “I was just completely surprised. I just got an email saying I won and I was just absolutely amazed. I couldn’t believe it, to be honest.”

After being nominated by Dr. Melanie Anderson and Dr. Theresa Phipps from the School of Business, she quickly began to prepare her plans for this year and forever after. Enrolling in Intermediate Accounting 3, the third installment of classes mandatory for accounting majors, Nestor is also pursuing her field outside of the classroom.

“I have had an internship in tax and corporate accounting,” Nestor said. “Right now, I’m looking to do an internship in auditing this coming spring while taking classes. I would like to ultimately be offered a job by a public accounting firm, but I am mainly interested in gaining experience in auditing. I plan to become a CPA myself.”

To be a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, there is a lengthy list of requirements, including completing 150 credit hours, passing a 4-part exam and having a full year of experience in the field itself.

“Not that it worries me, but everyone is so excited to graduate but it’s basically another year of school at least,” Nestor said. “I’ll be graduating with about 135 [credits] so my plan is to just take those extra classes while working and studying for the exam.”

In addition to the heavy workload, Nestor also acts as the President of Student Accounting Society and campus representative for Becker Professional Education.

When asked what drove her to the fields of accounting and auditing, the college superstar replied saying, “I’m very detail-orientated. I like to take a lot of time looking at small details in anything that I do. I just enjoy the really micro level of it, not only just looking at the results, but understanding how you got there. I never want to get into a position where I stop learning.”

Aside from her accelerating career path, Nestor also wishes to take some time off to go abroad before diving into a full-time job as an entry-level accountant.

“My older sister got to study abroad in France and it interests me,” she elaborates. “Other than that, I’d like to find somewhere I’m completely comfortable in.”


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