Ty Dolla $ign, Vince Staples, Cousin Stizz Thrill SRU

Published by , Author: Eric Davies - Multimedia Editor, Date: May 2, 2018

Ty Dolla $ign performed for a crowd of SRU students on Monday in the Smith Student Center (SSC) ballroom. Joined by Vincent Staples and Cousin Stizz, Ty Dolla Sign performed hit after hit as part of the Slippery Rock University Program Board’s (UPB) annual spring concert.

After an issue caused a delay in announcement, UPB unveiled the trio of rappers as this year’s concert back in early April. Initial criticism of the decision to bring the two headliners was apparent, with many taking to twitter to express their disapproval. Despite the push back the show went on and managed to bring in 758 ticket sales according to the UPB director of concerts, Ryan Ferguson.

Undoubtedly the buy one get one free sale that UPB started a little over two weeks after tickets on sale helped to get more students to come out and get their tickets.

The Boston native, Cousin Stizz was the first to perform after a short set from his DJ. Stizz started off his set with his biggest track to date “Headlock” and started off the concert strong for all in attendance.

Following Cousin Stizz was Vince Staples. Staples, a rapper from the north side of Long Beach California came out onto a hazy stage and performed his newest single in front of a video of goldfish fading in and out of view, a visual representation of his newest studio album Big Fish Theory.

After a set including ,”Ascension” a collaboration with the group the Gorillaz, and hits like Norf Norf from Staple’s album Summertime ’06 and Oops from the Black Panther soundtrack the rapper returned to his dressing room and Ty Dolla $ign took the stage.

Sophomore communication major, Chloë Frey, attended the concert and said she had a great time.

“I really liked how the first two acts hyped the crowd up but Ty really interacted with the crowd,” Frey said. “He dumped water on people, he jumped on the crowd a few times, like I got to grab him a couple times. He jumped right on me. I was holding him.”

Ty Dolla $ign performed a set of almost all smash hits. Between his own songs like “Pineapple” and “Or Nah” and songs on which he was featured like the Post Malone song “Psycho” or Jason Derulo hit “Swalla,” Ty Dolla $ign had a set that had every Slippery Rock student singing along.

During his set Ty Dolla $ign brought 4 members of the crowd up on stage to dance with him during one of his songs.

“I thought it was really cool and meant a lot to those people and I think he created a lot of new fans or stronger fans from his performance here,” said Frey.

A divergence from the normal venue of the Aebersold Recreation Center this year the concert was moved to the SSC ballroom. Frey described the new location as “intimate”, mentioning that the more familiar feel of the smaller venue would have been more ideal for the performers.

“I liked it being in the ballroom because it was more intimate, I felt closer to [Ty Dolla $ign],” said Frey.  “It was one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to.”


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