Opinion: Songs to support study habits

Published by , Author: Mallory Angelucci - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 8, 2018

When college life gets too difficult and there is nothing to turn to but the copious amounts of homework you’ve been given, music offers a kind of consolation that not much else can give, except equally copious amounts of coffee from Starbucks.

Many people prefer classical music to accompany their studying. For these kinds of people, a safe recommendation would be anything by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Though older, his works are always lively and focus-inducing.

For those who prefer something more recent to listen to, there are plenty of upbeat and slow tunes for background music. Singer-songwriter Vance Joy recently released a new album called “Nation of Two,” full of his usual indie-pop sounds. One track from his album, “Bonnie and Clyde,” gives the message that everything will be okay, that “you can jump into this water and come out clean.” If the water is a sea of responsibilities, let this song remind you that it will be okay in the end. “Like Gold,” advises allowing the past to remain behind you. What has happened cannot be changed and focusing on the immediate future and present is the best way to go in many scenarios. These songs and many more from the album offer meaningful messages as well as calming waves of gentle sounds for a stressed evening of hard working.

The soundtrack from “The Greatest Showman” instills an inspired mood into its audience immediately. “This Is Me” reminds us to stay true to yourself even though obstacles and obstructions may cut you down with its touching and inspiring music. “A Million Dreams” will bring you up and away from any worries you may be having with your studies. Though there may be a lot on your mind, it is important to remember to focus on one thing at a time, whether that is a dream or even an essay. With songs like these, the worst thing that you think is happening can’t last longer than them.

A good throwback song always does the trick when it comes to making your mind work a little more. Some of these revivers include but are in no way limited to more recent songs like “Starships” and “Titanium.” They will bring you back to a simpler time, even if that was just a few years ago.

Looking a bit farther back, there are a few from the 90s that could serve a good purpose in the study room. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will get you feeling like getting up and doing something (homework!) with its nostalgic feeling and heavy beats. “All Star,” which is making a comeback of its own, tells you that the world will knock you down, but you just have to get back up and keep throwing punches at whatever life throws at you next.

The bottom line for studying is to try your very best, and music is an excellent aid in this! Whether it’s old music or new (or maybe none at all), allow an air of positivity and motivation to guide you through any and all difficulties you may encounter in college.


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