Open Hearts for All is dedicated to helping others, making a difference

Published by , Author: Cydney Dewitt - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 1, 2018

“I wanted to make a difference in any way possible.”

These words from Evan Markowitz sum up the entirety of the newest organization on SRU’s campus, Open Hearts for All, quite well.

Evan Markowitz, a sophomore finance major and Haley Potter, a sophomore journalism major, teamed up one day with a dream: to make a difference for anyone, anywhere. Open Hearts for All is made up of approximately 30 people from several different colleges such as SRU, Clarion University, The University of Pittsburgh and many more. They are a nonprofit organization that is solely dedicated to helping others in any way they can.

“Only three months in and here we are,” Markowitz said. “We just had an interview with WTAE Channel Four Action News last week.”

Open Hearts for All may be small, but their impact is mighty. They were able to spread awareness for their organization and asked people who were interested if they would write Valentine’s Day cards for children in St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital during the Valentine’s Day Event in the ballroom on Tuesday, February 13th.

“The point of this is to help anyone in any way we can, no matter what it may be” Markowitz said. “Something new happens every day with this and that’s what’s so great. We’re always on the move and we’re always brainstorming to not only find different causes to get involved with but for the people who follow us to get involved with, too.”

Open Hearts for All’s latest project is making care packages to send to the victims of the tragic shooting at Florida’s Parkland High School, and after that they’re planning on working with Voices for Victims in Butler, PA to help victims of sexual violence.

“We’re starting to sell wristbands and tee shirts, I ask that people follow us on social media and keep following all of our cool projects because we need all the help we can get,” Markowitz said.

To get in touch with Open Hearts for All, you can visit them on their social media @OpenHearts4All on Twitter, openheartsforall on Instagram, and Open Hearts for All on Facebook. As Markowitz says, “it takes one person to make a change.”


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