Over 100 organizations represented at spring Involvement Fair

Published by adviser, Author: Ron McNerney - Rocket Contributor, Date: January 31, 2018

Tuesday January 30th marked the semester annual Involvement Fair where students from Slippery Rock University had the chance to see what clubs had to offer them. The Involvement Fair showcased over 100 on campus clubs and organizations, from a wide variety of interests.

The event is helped run by Courtney Mullins who is a first-year graduate assistant in the office for student engagement and leadership. Mullins oversees all student organizations and has helped in previous fall Involvement Fairs and is now working on her first spring Involvement Fair. She helped this event by making diagrams for the theater and ballroom to help students navigate around easier.

Mullins think the Involvement Fair is important to students because it lets them explore opportunities on campus.

“Events (like this) help students to get one on one connections with peers and helps students with all different personalities and interests come together,” Mullins said.

Greek life had a large presence in the Involvement Fair with fraternities such as Pi Kappa Alpha.

“Pi Kappa Alpha is extremely active, five of our fraternity members traveled to the Woodlands to help with the Divas Weekend that is held there,” Santino Decesare, Pi Kappa Alpha recruitment committee member, said. “We are always looking for more opportunities to make a difference on and off campus and we have many more events we are looking forward to this semester.”

For freshmen on campus who are moving far away from home, it may not be a bad idea to consider joining a fraternity.

“The fraternity life can have a huge impact in helping students on campus. Despite what many people think, it is a lot more than just the social aspect of improving yourself,” Decesare said. “For example, Pi Kappa Alpha takes pride in giving our members plenty of chances to build themselves academically and professionally. The networking opportunities are huge and we provide a lot of leadership building opportunities, when taken advantage of, go a long way in building character and molding you in preparation for the real world.”

St. Jude Up til’ 2 is an organization at Slippery Rock University where students can help contribute to the St. Jude Foundation. Evan Markowitz is one of the members who was inspired to make a change and has been involved with the organization since August 2017, becoming a recruiting director who gives presentations to sororities, fraternities and students of Slippery Rock to try and get them involved.

“It is for a great cause, it is a great way to try and help childhood cancer,” Markowitz said. He went on to talk about how every day it costs 2.4 million dollars to fund the hospitals. 

Students always come together for this once a semester event to try and find an organization that is right for them.


This story was done in collaboration with WSRU-TV.


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