Bailey Library remains open 24/7 for constant study space

Published by , Author: Megan Majercak - Rocket Contributor, Date: December 15, 2016

In efforts to make finals a little less stressful and provide some mores study time and space, Bailey Library has been open 24/7 for finals week.

Whether the students are studying, sleeping or hanging out, Bailey has been a lot busier than usual with the anxiety of exams and borderline grades upon us.

A lot of extra work is put in to keep Bailey running non-stop since 8 a.m. Monday until midnight on Friday. That means student workers are working into the early hours of the morning.

Junior math major Alanna Rafter who works at the library said that students are definitely taking advantage of the extra hours and resources.

“We have a set schedule for the semester, and during finals, we volunteer to work past midnight so we can adjust it to our schedule,” Rafter said. “And, we get paid nine dollars an hour rather than minimum wage after midnight.”

Many clubs and organizations are working with the library to help out students during crunch time. Even residence halls enforce 24/7 quiet hours to avoid disruption. SPARK, SGA, UPB and more have been providing drinks and snacks to keep students going, and have left encouraging notes scattered throughout the library.

“I think the clubs are relieving some stress for the students. Even just handing out water bottles when I forgot mine made me feel better,” Rafter said.

Sophomore sport management major and SGA Watson Hall Senator Dallas Kline said that SGA worked with other clubs on part of year-long project called Project Positivity in the library to relieve some stress.

“We handed out food, water, positive notes and buttons to encourage people to do well on their finals and stay positive throughout the week,” Kline said.

Freshman criminology major Julia Tremel says studying in the library helps her focus and prepare for finals.

“I’m really thankful the library is open for us. Everyone is really busy this week so knowing the library is open any second of the day makes me feel like I have enough time to study,” Tremel said. “I’ve been at the library a lot more this week than any other, and its helped me realizes how many resources are here.”

It’s been hard to even get a seat here lately, Tremel said, but the library is a great place to study in groups and the library and other organizations have been really helpful to students this week.

Many organizations have been putting on stress less events to help students not let the pressure of finals get to be too much, and the library provides studying space and resources whenever you need it so we can all work for the GPAs we have been hoping for.


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