Green and White Society celebrates 127 years of Slippery Rock University

Published by adviser, Date: March 24, 2016

The Green and White Society hosted a birthday party to celebrate Slippery Rock’s 127 years of existence in the Smith Student Center on Tuesday during common hour.

Alyssa Trocci, junior early childhood education and special education major and Green and White Society’s vice president of traditions is the one that organized and made the event happen.

The event had a variety of different games and stations for students to enjoy throughout the party such as water pong, pin the tail on Rocky and Plinko.

The intention behind the party was to celebrate Slippery Rock by bringing the community together and having fun, Trocci said.

The event took about an hour to set up and there were more than 15 people from Green and White Society and UPB contributing.

There was candy for students including Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, chocolate candy and Skittles. There were empty bags that were available for anyone to fill with candy and take home for later if they wanted to.

Along with being able to take home candy, there were hats, beads, fake tattoos, pens, pencils, frisbees and more for people to play with and take home.

There was a balloon creation station for students and community members to be entertained with. Freshman business major Quinn Mclaughlin was the balloon creator for the event.

Mclaughlin started his business 5 years ago when his uncle bought him a kit as a joke. He took to it and really got into the creation of different animals and objects, Mclaughlin said. He can make about 50 different shapes with the balloons and is still learning.

Another station at the event was pin the tail on Rocky. The player would be blindfolded and spun around three times then directed towards where Rocky was to try and pin the tail in the right place. After they were done, players would get a poster for participating.

The HOPE Peer Educators came to the event and had a booth with the game Plinko. Plinko is a game that players drop a chip down a maze shaped board into a slot where they usually get a prize.

But, the Peer Educators did it a little bit differently.

Junior social work major and Peer Educator Jessica Tager said that the game was to educate people on the effects of how many drinks somebody has had either at a party or the bar.

Instead of handing out prizes, the educators would ask questions about the affects of alcohol and if the player got the question right, they would win a prize.

Claudia Hartmann, sophomore safety management and athletic training major, said that the event brought back the importance of how the university was founded 127 years ago.

Being a part of Green and White Society gives the chance to advocate for Slippery Rock and get other students excited about Rock pride, Hartmann said.

The event started being planned in the beginning of last semester.

It took many different people and organizations to make it what was, Trocci said. Everyone had their own part in helping to plan it.

The purpose of the birthday party was to celebrate when Slippery Rock was founded, Trocci said.

Sophomore public health major Kara Mancini said that the party is a way to keep the pride in everyone that goes here and it is a way to celebrate the ongoing pride of Slippery Rock students.

The event started to come to an end after students sang happy birthday to Slippery Rock and took some pictures.

Cupcakes were available to everyone at the party, along with some drinks as well to bring the event to a conclusion.

“I think the party went extremely well, it was lively and fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,” Trocci said.


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