Yumberries serves up signature and original Froyo creations

Published by adviser, Author: Kelsey Phillips - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 10, 2015

Review Highlights:

Good Quality & Variety of Yogurts and Toppings

Friendly Staff

Fun, Bright Atmosphere

Must Try Flavor: Orange Creamsicle

When it comes to frozen yogurt, the only thing more difficult than stopping at just one bowl is eating it before it melts. Faced with a 90+ degree day and an assignment to review the new froyo shop in town, I felt both sides of this double bladed sword, or spoon, rather.

While the temperature continued to rise on Main Street, just the opposite was happening in Yumberries, where I was greeted by a relieving breeze of cold air and the intoxicating smell of sugar.

Just past the right side of the check-out counter I grabbed a one-size-fits-all cup – perfect for sharing or, you know, eating shamelessly by yourself – and moved on to the wall of yogurts. Yes, I said wall of yogurts.

The self-serve stations hung on the wall like picture frames and their levers artfully swirled out portions of cheesecake, mint, vanilla, cookies n’ cream, and other weekly flavors. I chose a split decision and went with half chocolate chip cookie dough yogurt, half orange creamsicle. Customers can choose to stop at this stage and weigh-in their yogurt for immediate consumption or make their way to the topping stations. Even if you haven’t read my column before, you could probably guess which one I picked.

“What better pairing for chocolate chip cookie dough froyo than chilled, chocolate chip cookie dough morsels?” I thought to myself. I added in some rainbow sprinkles, although “sprinkle” is an understatement of how much I poured into the cup, and I was ready for weigh-in, leaving the orange creamsicle half of my cup plain.

The final treat weighed in at a whopping 12oz and just over $5.00.

A sleek bar overlooking Main Street is the only indoor seating, leading me to enjoy my treat outside. In the future I would love to see some additional seating at Yumberries, especially for the colder months since the shop will be open year-round.

You know how Dairy Queen does that whole upside-down-or-it’s-free deal with blizzards? Don’t try this with froyo. In fact, the only time I would recommend flipping your cup upside-down is to drink the remaining, liquefied drops of froyo from your cup. Both of my flavor choices seemed to melt quicker than ice cream, especially with the heat, but it allowed for the toppings to be stirred in more thoroughly.

The winner of my split decision was actually the orange creamsicle flavor, which had the consistency of sherbet and vanilla soft serve swirled together. Normally I have a big sweet tooth but I found this flavor to be refreshing and have a more natural sweetness.

Overall I was very pleased with my experience at Yumberries and would recommend it for a typical “treat yourself” outing or a place to bring your friends and family. I am interested in seeing the seasonal flavors that will be rotated in, as well as watching the business grow in Slippery Rock.


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