Slippery Rock ‘digs in’ to support Empty Bowls

Published by adviser, Author: Rachel Frydryck - Rocket Contributor, Date: November 6, 2014

SRU hosted its annual “Empty Bowls” event during lunch and dinner hours in the student center on Tuesday to benefit the local community and raise awareness for global hunger.

This cause provided an experience in which students, children, and adults alike could encourage this altruistic foundation. Hand-crafted ceramic bowls of various shapes, hues, and sizes were displayed across several tables.

With a charitable donation of $5, attendees received soup in a one-of-a-kind glazed bowl of his or her choice. The meal also included bread and a beverage.

The charity relies upon many collaborative efforts in order to organize this gathering. Public relations major, Megan White, assisted the charity and discussed the criteria involved to enable Empty Bowls to become a prosperous event.

“All bowls came from Potters Guild which are made by students and Girl Scouts,” White said. “The bowls were painted by individuals that came to the ‘All Night Bowling’ event and students from the Potters Guild, as well. The placemats designed were selected through a coloring contest in McKay. The pictures that best suited the event were published and made for the Empty Bowls event.”

Weeks of commitment prior to the charity reveal Slippery Rock’s comradery throughout the community. Multiple individuals collaborated to assist a powerful cause.

Those that have contributed to Empty Bowls in prior years have become passionate with the project and have supported the event regularly. During her freshman year, Kristin Maley, informed about the organization and has been assisting Empty Bowls ever since.

Not only do volunteers experience gratitude and enjoy the feeling of giving back, but so do guests, as well. Regular supporter, Mark Lane, has been a Slippery Rock resident his entire life.

The Lighthouse Foundation worker stated, “I work with homeless and impoverished individuals and families, and like to support worthy causes.”

He wanted to help give back to the community, and this was a prime example of how to do so.

“It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of hunger, both globally and locally, Lane said. “Sometimes we don’t realize that there are people in our own communities that don’t get enough to eat.  The artists that made the bowls and the students and faculty that organized the event do a great service for those in need.”

All proceeds raised were donated to Feed My Sheep Food Cupboard, a local Slippery Rock charity. Not only was the event for a benevolent cause, but its purpose also enabled students to recognize world hunger issues.

This social gathering revealed a deeper meaning within the foundation. The soup is symbolic of those in poverty and in shelters. It gives a “taste” of ways to help others that are not as fortunate.

It raises awareness that even members of the Slippery Rock community are economically hard-pressed and starve on a daily basis. The money funded is allotted to the local food bank.

“I see the significance as being that we are lucky enough to be able to come together and eat delicious soup and talk about hunger issues,” Lane said. “Taking the empty bowl home with you makes you start to really think about those who really have no food to put in their bowls, and the donations we offered for the dinner went to ensure that those who are hungry in our community will have something to eat.”

The entertainment, the instrumental ambiance, and social gathering drew many. Guests emphasized that Empty Bowls was a way to bring people together and serve people in need. It guaranteed individuals left experiencing pride by donating time or money towards Empty Bowls’ humanitarian purpose.


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