Students respond with conflicting opinions to new Boozel delivery option

Published by adviser, Author: Janelle Wilson - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: August 28, 2014

In addition to the original meal plan options students can choose from, AVI is now offering an option called “Fill My Fridge,” which allows students to order packages of food staples, and either pick them up from Boozel, or have them delivered to their residence halls.

“Fill My Fridge” is new to SRU this semester, and offers six different food packages ranging from $22.99 to $50.99. There is one snack option, called “Snack Attack,” which includes basics such as chips, Ramen noodles, granola and candy bars, and macaroni and cheese cups. “A.M. Fuel” is the breakfast option, and offers cereal, a quart of milk, and granola bars.

Meal plan holder and senior creative writing major, Derrick McCain, 21, said that “Snack Attack” would be the only option he would consider ordering because of the convenience of the food items and the lower price.

“With ‘Snack Attack,’ it seems like you get a lot of basics for a good price,” McCain said, “but I can’t imagine paying $50 for stuff I’d normally buy at Giant Eagle anyway.”

There are two “Meals in Minutes” choices, and students can pick between either the “Convenient,” or “Healthy” package. The “Convenient” option includes macaroni and cheese cups, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich kit, soup cups, and Ramen noodles. “Meals in Minutes: Healthy” offers the same staples, but replaces the macaroni and cheese cups with fruit, and the Ramen noodles with hummus cups.

Freshman exercise science major, Jasmine Wong, 18, said that she’s heard about “Fill My Fridge” from SRU’s website, but said that she wouldn’t consider placing an order because of the high price of items.

“I can see how some people might think it’s convenient,” Wong said, “but I don’t have money to spend on extras when I can just go use a meal swipe.”

There are two larger-sized orders, including “Conscious Craving,” which includes fruit, granola bars, chips, cookies, and trail mix. The “Kitchen Sink” is the most expensive, and includes cereal cups, Oreos, a quart of milk, Ramen noodles, chips, mac and cheese cups, and the peanut butter and jelly kit. All options but “A.M Fuel” also include a 12-pack of the student’s choice of either soda or water.

Sophomore middle level science education major, Erika Skocik, 19, said that the larger packages could potentially save students time and money because they wouldn’t have to use gas money and take time out of their day to go to Giant Eagle. Skocik also said that the “Kitchen Sink” option could be helpful for students in the winter.

“If you’re a Slippery Rock student, you know how difficult it is to get out during the winter, especially with one like last year’s,” Skocik said. “I think a lot of students would appreciate having the delivery option available during that time.”

Sophomore biology major Travis Reed, 19, said that he’d be more than willing to pay for any of the packages because of how convenient the “Fill My Fridge” service would be.

“I haven’t heard of the new ‘Fill My Fridge’ thing, but it sounds awesome,” Reed said, “especially because it means that I don’t have to leave my room to go get food.”

Students can place food orders on the phone, or distant friends and family can place orders by downloading and filling out a form online and mailing it to Slippery Rock with the inclusion of a check or credit card number. The packages can either be delivered to a student’s residence hall or picked up at Boozel.


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