UPB hosts carnival to welcome back students

Published by adviser, Author: Rachel Frydryck - Rocket Contributor, Date: August 26, 2014

On Tuesday during common hour, the University Program Board (UPB) invited students to the quad for their annual “Welcome Back Event” to promote their organization and offer students an opportunity to partake in carnival-style activities.

There were an assortment of activities for students to partake in. Skip and Co. offered customized airbrush t-shirts by artist Harry Colbert, Jr. Students could also get caricatures done of themselves and their friends by artist Kurt Shaw.

A booth was set-up to sell framed pictures of words formed by everyday objects that resembled letters. Carnival-goers could also participate in an obstacle-styled activity that required that students balance themselves on top of a ladder suspended from an inflatable bounce. UPB also provided free Frisbees and cookies to all students who attended.

Junior communication and art major, Peter Moran, 20, said, “I thought the carnival was really fun, and I feel like they need to do more things like that around campus.”

Executive UPB board member, Ryan Logue, said, “Throughout the years UPB has always had different fun events for the students to participate in. It’s a great way to welcome back our students and give them an idea of what UPB is all about.”

Logue said that every year UPB generally offers the same activity for the carnival, but a few new activities were introduced this year, and were received positively by recurrent attendees as well as incoming freshman. “The festival always provides airbrush shirts, but the artwork letter frames were a new inclusion that was a hit with the students,” Logue said.

This event got a positive response from students, and brought excitement for students beginning a new school year.


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