Natili North: a Classic Italian Dive

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek, Date: April 3, 2014

Walking around downtown Butler, the town is rustic, full of history, and at times in need of a new coat of paint. This town is the perfect location for this little dive, Natili North, whose food is rustic, delicious, and taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

Walking into the Italian restaurant you first notice the small space and the worn down booths and tables, which can at first can be a little off putting, but the servers and food quickly make up for the décor.

The menu is diverse ranging from salads, stir-fry, sub sandwiches, and classics such as chicken and eggplant Parmesan. There are three separate restaurants all owned by the same group of people, Natili South, Natili North, and Natili Pizza Shoppe, all three have different menus and different atmospheres throughout out Butler.

One of the more unique menu items on the Natili North’s menu was their list of Wedgas. Wedgas are described as “open face seasoned dough” that is topped with a variety of toppings. I ordered the meatball Wedga and when it came it resembled a pizza, but the dough was the texture of pita bread. The meatballs were homemade and the portion was the perfect amount for a quick lunch. While this may sound like an odd combination, it tasted delicious. The Wedgas on the menu where simplistic in their recipe but put a unique twist on classic Italian cuisine, like pizza and calzones. Natili North is open for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner, making it the perfect place to eat at any time of day.

Their menu not only has a great variety of food options, but the service is great, especially if you are a regular customer. I was new to the establishment, and they were willing to answer all my questions, but while I was waiting for my food I saw regular customers walk through the door. Each customer was greeted by name, escorted to their favorite booth or table, and asked if they want their usual order. It was a small town establishment that focused mainly on the customers.

Overall this is a great family establishment that is well known throughout the downtown Butler community and it is worth a trip if you are in the area. Looking at the pictures online and even walking through the front door, you would be tempted to just turn the other direction, but take a chance on this small town dive that has a menu item for every person.


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