Fashion magazines should feature new faces, be realistic

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 11, 2014

Magazines are the fashion industry’s most recognized and popular way for women to get their information on the latest trends popping up throughout the year.  All magazines cover topics like what to wear on a date, how to properly contour makeup, and hair products to use for every hair type, but how that information is presented is unique to each publication.

For every good part of a magazine, like the tips and tricks shared by industry insiders, there are less-thrilling aspects, like expensive price tags.  They also do an excellent job of targeting their readers’ likes and dislikes, but often times their tastes are singled out excessively, particularly when choosing cover stars. Taking the good with the bad is an important element to consider when paging through the latest issue of your favorite monthly, and despite the positives and the negatives, people always return to what they love to read.

Singling out the bad aspects of magazines starts with the price of clothing in the fashion spreads throughout various publications.  Clothing price certainly depends on the issue and the month, but lately, prices have begun soaring regardless of who the target audience may be.

Popular teen magazines are moving away from reasonably priced items in favor of clothing, shoes, and handbags that range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Considering their target audience, suggesting that teens and young adults dish out so much money on pieces that can be popular for just one season is unreasonable.

Placing cover stars in extravagant items, when so many girls look up to them for how to dress, creates a problem for girls looking to be able to get a Hollywood look on a low budget.  Unless they have a pocket book as deep as a Waldorf or a van der Woodsen, it’s likely that it’ll be hard for them to afford the designer duds showcased in glamorous photo shoots.

In keeping with the theme of cover stars, many readers probably experience déjà vu when looking at the cover of their favorite magazines, because the same talent is constantly featured promoting the same projects year after year.  Among the stars repeatedly gracing the covers of magazines are the ladies from the cast of “Pretty Little Liars”.  In some cases, two of the four stars of the popular television show grace the cover of a single publication in a year.

While it’s good to stick with what’s been known to draw in readers, recognizing new talent and opening girls’ eyes to new people will expose them to fresh faces and new forms of entertainment that they might otherwise miss out on.  After all, there are only so many times the “PLL” starlets can be asked about love, friendship, and who “A” is, before it gets to be redundant.

For all of the somewhat negative parts of magazines, there are a number of positive details that keep readers coming back for more month after month and year after year.  After moving beyond the glitz and glam of the clothes and shoes shown in fashion spreads, there are a number of articles pertaining to relationship and career advice and reviews on the latest music, movies, and television shows.

While fashion magazines are known for their clothing features, there’s no shortage of valuable information in between trend reports and celebrity interviews.

Not surprisingly, the best part about magazines is their fashion, beauty, and hair advice.  Their information is trustworthy and honest, something that all women can appreciate.  It’s clear why the industry’s favorite publications have been in business for so long, and that’s because stylists and designers love to share their advice with them, and women love to read it.

After all is said and done, the positive and negative elements that make up magazines come together to create an informative collection of valuable tips and tricks that women just can’t get enough of.


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