American-made fashions inspiration for Winter Olympics

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis - Rocket Contributor, Date: November 6, 2013

When the average person looks through the clothes hanging in their closet, it’s likely that the labels on the inside of the clothes are stamped with “Made in China” or “Made in Thailand”, among other places.  A number of brands are beginning to make their clothes in America, and others are starting to gain recognition for the strides that they have made for homegrown fashion.  Brooks Brothers, ModCloth, and Ralph Lauren are leading the comeback of American clothing brands.

Brooks Brothers has been an American fashion institution for 195 years because of their timeless designs and commitment to using high-quality materials.  It is undoubtedly one of the nation’s finest clothiers of women’s and children’s fashions, although it is most recognized for their menswear pieces.

A collection of menswear ranging from tuxedo jackets to loafers is proudly made in America by family-owned companies with storied histories.  The Rancourt & Co. Five-Eyelet Mudguard Boots are a prime example of a quality product made stateside by a family-owned company that spans three generations in Maine.  These shoes are shaped and stitched by hand, by company experts to create a product that rivals similar boots made by Gucci and John Varvatos in Italy.

Even unconventional items sold through Brooks Brothers like the limited edition Fly Fishing Vest, are crafted by one of the nation’s premiere outerwear brands, Filson.  An American institution ever since the Gold Rush, Filson is committed to selling American made products guaranteed to last, which makes their partnership with Brooks Brothers all the more perfect.

While the items sold at Brooks Brothers aren’t fit for a college budget, their made in America pieces are suitable for the working man’s wardrobe.

It’s no surprise that ModCloth is catching on like wildfire, as a result of their designs showing up on Taylor Swift, whether she’s hanging out with friends, or hosting Club Red parties across the country.  The brand’s vintage inspired designs are what drew the American sweetheart to their clothing, and with vintage silhouettes becoming more popular by the day, the Pittsburgh-born company is quickly growing in size to accommodate their growing fan base.

Susan Gregg Koger and her husband, Eric, founded ModCloth whenever they were students at Carnegie Mellon University, and have since expanded their business to include offices based on the west coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Although the brand’s designs feature silhouettes pulled straight from the ‘50s, their eye-catching colors and prints bring them into the 21st century.

All of the styles from ModCloth retail at affordable prices and are classic enough to be worn well in to the future.

Following the controversy surrounding Chinese-made uniforms worn by athletes participating in the Summer Olympic Games at London in 2012, Ralph Lauren has made all of the clothing for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in the United States.  To account for every detail, Lauren began designing the clothing for the Games at the company headquarters in New York City, and used materials from across the country to assemble his designs.

Wool was taken from the Imperial Stock Ranch in Ohio.  Yarn was spun in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, dyed in Hickory, North Carolina, and brought together in Los Angeles to create nearly 65,000 items for the athletes of Team USA.  Starting November 15, all of the items to be worn in Sochi this January will be available for purchase on Lauren’s website and in various retail locations, including Macy’s, across the country.

Although it has become standard for Americans to buy clothing made in other countries, it is possible to find quality items made in the United States.  Brooks Brothers, Mod Cloth, and Ralph Lauren are just three of the brands known for manufacturing their clothing stateside, and are committed to maintaining the legacy of American fashion for many years to come.


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