The Big Cheese: The Rocket compares slices from the Slippery Rock area-whose pie reigns supreme?

Published by adviser, Date: August 22, 2013

Weege’s Pizza is conveniently located right next to the Campus Side Apartments and offers daily specials. However, the overall flavor was decided as less robust as some of the other pizzas sampled.

Inferno Pizzeria gave the greatest size slice (see image) and a variety of different toppings and styles for tasting in a by-the-slice manner. Inferno is also the only location that does not offer delivery.

Coffaro’s Pizza also offers pizza by the slice and has an on-site bowling alley to attract students. One negative with the pizza was the uneven distribution of toppings.

Fox’s Pizza Den offered a huge “Big Daddy” pizza for $12.99 and had a strong cheese taste, but was on the greasier side. Still, Fox’s was a favorite among our staffers.

La Famiglia Pizza and Pastahouse’s sweet sauce could be seen as overwhelming by some, but no one had issues with the fresh vegetable toppings. Still, the pizza was relatively small for the price and could leave some still feeling hungry.

Domino’s is unique in that it offers apps and an online ordering option. It also has a large number of promotions. However, there was a good amount of grease on the pizza.

Try some of these pizzas and others at “Battle of the Pizzas,” hosted by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership will take place Thursday August 29 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the front patio of the Smith Student Center.


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