“The Avengers,” “Prometheus” among list of highly-anticipated summer films

Published by adviser, Author: Jimmy Graner - Rocket Contributor, Date: May 4, 2012

With more than 75 films being released this summer, it’s very hard for this Critic to only discuss some of them and share my intake on what’s to come. For the others, you’ll have to look them up for yourself.

For anyone who is not aware, 2012 is expected to be the biggest year for revenue at the box office. As of now, the revenue generated this year is totaling more than $3.16 billion dollars. That’s 17 percent above the total income that was brought in at the end of last year.

The current record sits at $10.6 billion and was achieved in 2009. This year will not only break the record, but will set an incredible feat in the movie industry.

If you’ve been paying attention to the media lately, then you probably noticed that everyone is hyping up for this weekend’s release of “The Avengers.” Out of all the movies being released this summer, let alone this year, this movie is on the top of my list.

The superheroes included in the film are Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. They will join together and face the villain, Loki (Thor’s adoptive brother), in a fight to save the planet. This film should be well packed with action, drama, and adventure, as well as sci-fi. You should plan on seeing this film more than once.

The already talked-about “Battleship” film will be released later this month, starring popular actors like Alex Skarsgard and Liam Neeson, as well as popular artist Rihanna. Telling by the trailer, the Navy is at sea, when a strange metal-looking structure rises up from the water and shoots mysterious-looking missiles into the air.

For those of you who happened to play the classic board game when you were a child, you might just find this film to be a little bizarre. With the actual movie time being well over two hours, one should get their money’s worth for going to see it.

Already growing a fan base overseas, this movie will either grab your attention or send you right back to your childhood.

Being released around the same time later this month is the hilarious comedy, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Telling by the previews, anyone who is a parent and has went through life raising their children and enjoys laughing, this movie will make you do just that.

This romantic comedy is set in present day about the lives of five couples and how they go about their days raising their children. Every day may go differently, and how each couple decides how it should go is up to them.

This may not look like a hit at the box office for most people, but for anyone who wants to know what being a parent is all about, then this is for you.

Last but not least, the film that is on a lot of people’s minds for this upcoming summer is “Prometheus.” The film is said to take place in the future, just before 2100. The director, Ridley Scott – who directed popular films like Alien, Blade Runner, and Black Hawk Down – is sure to bring thrill and excitement to this horror/action style sci-fi film.

A group of explorers is set out to explore and discover clues to the origins of mankind on earth. What they will discover will leave them breathless. If you have nothing planned on June 8 or after, go and see this movie. You will not be disappointed.

I’ve just explained four films that will be coming out if not later this month, sometime this summer. Although I can only explain a few, I still wanted to list the rest that are being released later on in the upcoming months.

These include “Men in Black 3,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Piranha 3DD,” “Madagascar 3,” “Rock of Ages,” “Brave,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” “GI Joe: Retaliation,” “Magic Mike,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Savages,” “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” “Ted,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Bourne Legacy,” “Total Recall,” “Hope Springs,” “The Expendables 2,” and “Premium Rush.”

If you can believe it, all of the movies listed above are on my “to-see” list. So whether you’re into romance and horror or that epic action thriller, this summer will definitely keep you busy in seeing some great motion pictures.


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